Easy Fruit Bliss Ball Recipe

Being a fitness freak with a sweet tooth can be so frustrating! But fret not, try this fruit bliss ball recipe to take care of all your dessert cravings. You can whip up this power-packed energy snack in just a few minutes for a pre or post-workout snack and your taste buds will definitely thank you for it!


For fruit bliss balls with nuts:

• 100 gms. Of Healthy Alternatives Cashews
• 150 gms. Of Healthy Alternatives Turkish Apricots
• 75 gms. Of coconut powder (for coating)
• 80 gms. Of white chocolate
• 150 gms. Of Healthy Alternatives Almonds

For nut-free fruit bliss balls:

• 150 gms. of Healthy Alternatives Dates
• 100 gms. of Healthy Alternatives Prunes
• 100 gms. of L’Exclusif Dried Goji berries
• 150 gms. of L’Exclusif Dried Cranberries 
• 1 tablespoon of Healthy Alternatives Raw Chia Seeds
Cocoa powder for coating


1. Roughly, chop all the fruits then place them in a strong food processor with all the other ingredients.
2. Blend until all the ingredients are combined.
3. Scoop out each ball and roll them into a round shape.
4. Coat them in coconut/ cocoa powder and garnish with nuts.

Ready for some fruit bliss? Get your ingredients hereat Nature’s Basket.

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