Traditional Christmas Desserts Around the World

While Christmas may not be a universally celebrated festival, Christmas desserts are definitely universally loved. This festival brings everyone together, and no one can resist the sweet joy of holiday treats. Every country has their own way of celebrating this beautiful holiday, which means unique desserts all around the world. The more, the merrier after all! Let’s take a small Christmas culinary journey across the world to see what everyone’s baking.

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1. The Danish Risalamande*

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This festive rice pudding, called Risalamande in Danish has been a beloved dish in Denmark for centuries. An extremely popular Christmas dessert in the region, it’s ideally served on Christmas Eve following dinner. The base is a typical rice pudding, but what sets Risalamande apart is the toppings added to the base pudding. Some chopped almonds and whipped cream, served with a topping of silky fruity sauce turns this simple dish into an elegant and delectable Christmas dessert.

2. Netherland’s Banketstaaf 

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Banketstaaf, as the name suggests, is a Dutch pastry roll typically eaten around the holidays. The pastry is meant to have a flaky exterior with a dense and flavourful interior, filled with almond paste and festively decorated with frosting and cherries. To make the most of this delicious Christmas treat, pair it up with coffee or tea on a cold morning.

3. British Treacle Tart*

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This appetizing traditional British dessert is a children’s favourite. The tart is a buttery shortbread crust filled with molten golden syrup, breadcrumbs and lemon zest. Served with a scoop of vanilla whipped cream and some golden syrup trickling down the tart, this dessert’s strength is its ultimate simplicity. Isn’t your mouth watering already?

4. The French Yule Log Cake

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This festive dessert originally hails from France, but is now a beloved item on the menu everywhere. It is made with a rolled-up sponge cake and chocolate butter-cream filling, bedazzled with mini forest critters, chocolate shavings and foliage. It’s beautiful, scrumptious, and it screams Christmas. With this holiday treat on the table, no one would want to miss your Christmas dinner party.

5. Austrian Linzer Cookies*

The well-loved smaller version of the celebrated Austrian Torte dessert, these Linzer cookies are a favourite amongst all households during the holiday season. They come with a fruit filling, traditionally seedless raspberry jam, sandwiched between two soft and buttery cookies and dusted with powdered sugar. Not only do they taste absolutely delicious, they look gorgeous as well. The best part? They’re much easier to bake than it looks!

Feel like baking some Christmas desserts on your own after reading about all these mouth-watering dishes? Find some of the recipes in our Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes article!

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