Berry delicious ice cream shortcake

The weekend is for sugar and spice, and all things nice! It’s for indulging and snacking on decadent desserts. This weekend, give in to your desires with a delicious shortcake that hardly takes any time to whip up. Small on time, small on effort, but big on taste, this delicious mango berry shortcake is the perfect indulgence!

Summer is here! And so is the best time to relish our most favorite delight – Ice-cream. This simple dessert idea is perfect for the sweltering summer heat and takes just a few minutes to whip together.

What you’ll need:

• Our decadent, creamy mango ice cream from L’Exclusif
•  Healthy Alternatives Orange juice
• Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries
• Shortbread biscuits
• Brown sugar
• Fresh mangoes

1. In a bowl, mix all the berries with a table spoon of brown sugar and a table spoon or two of our tangy, thirst quenching orange juice from Healthy Alternatives. Ensure all the berries are generously coated.                           

2. Dice some mangoes and lay them onto a plate.                                   

3. Take two shortbread biscuits and place a scoop of our delectable L’Exclusif mango ice cream.   

4. Pour on the berry mixture.

Voila! You have your yummy berry and ice-cream shortcake ready in just a few minutes!

Get the ingredients for this mouth-watering snack and a lot more at your nearest Nature’s Basket store, or shop online.

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