In Salad Heaven

In Salad Heaven

Everyone loves a good meal; one that is freshly cooked, a complex yet perfect balance of flavours which leaves the diner with a deep sense of satisfaction & nourishment. A salad is basically such a meal in a single bowl. An artful combination of select ingredients tossed up to create a meal that is universally renowned for its nutritional goodness and bursting with a melange of flavours.

Imagine juicy orange segments paired with salty olives and zesty fennel shavings on a bed of mildly bitter arugula leaves dressed with orange vinaigrette. Each mouthful brings the five basic tastes together to create a perfect bite. The best part about this simple, elegant dish is that it can be easily personalized or recreated at home. Dont have arugula on hand? Swap it out for a mix of baby lettuce. Or switch the olives with capers.

One of the reasons why salads are a popular meal across the cuisines of the world is the innumerable possibilities a salad bowl presents. Each person in the world can create their own salad simply by tweaking it to their tastes and preferences. Need to consume iron and vitamin rich foods? Try a kale slaw with spicy marinated tofu in a peanut dressing or combine shredded kale with grated pecorino, season and dress with a lemon-EVOO vinaigrette.


Can’t stand leafy, greens or mild flavours? Opt for a spicy Thai Som Tam made by mixing shredded green papaya, bean sprouts, thin sliced onions, ribbons of basil & coriander, cherry tomatoes and toasted peanuts. Flavour this salad with a piquant dressing of minced garlic, bird’s eye chili in fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar. Or convert the pantry staple, pasta itself into a salad. Combine tri-coloured, cooked fettuccine with crumbled feta cheese, slightly blanched broccoli, chopped olives, toasted pine nuts and dress with a red wine vinegar+EVOO vinaigrette.


All these salad ideas showcase light, elegant, sophisticated recipes as well hearty, rustic salads. The taste, texture, colour and fragrance of each ingredient plays off the other in a marvelous culinary symphony. This is a great tip to bear in mind when building a salad at home. In fact, a salad is also a great canvas against which to try out a new speciality ingredient like roasted peppers, infused oils or vinegar, honey, chili sauces, cheese or even spice blends. Try it out in a pasta, cous cous or quinoa salad to figure out its flavours.

veggie salad

If the above salad descriptions has you drooling and you need a bowlful of crisp lettuce, veggies, grilled chicken doused in a tangy dressing then simply come down over to the store.

We have set up salad bars at our Bandra store where you can try out some of these suggestions for yourself. Featuring an extensive range of fresh ingredients in a hygienic set-up, this salad bar will give you a chance to explore and discover your own salad preferences. While at the store browse our shelves and stock up on your favourite salad ingredients and eat healthy delicious meals through the week. We have a wide range of salad greens, veggies, meat, cheese, nuts, fruits, fat-free dressings, oils & vinegars; all of which can be mixed and matched for salad utopia.

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