How Can Snacks Be Healthy?

Between a 9-to-5 work routine, daily commuting and the never-ending dilemma over what to eat, it’s almost impossible to not snack on something unhealthy! Do regular binge sessions make you wonder why can’t snacks be both healthy and tasty? If you find yourself in a similar boat, we have just the thing for you! Take a look at these amazing snacks that bridge both the gaps with a flavorful twist.

1. Fruity Bites

Satisfy your craving for sweetness with these crunchy bites that can be enjoyed guilt-free and on-the-move! Take your favorite fruit wherever you go with the Healthy Alternatives Fruit Crunch Mango! Delicious and succulent, these mango bites come with a surprising texture and an intense traditional flavor. Enjoy the goodness of 100% natural fruits with no additives. Take this treats in the office, to the party, on a picnic – anywhere. They are sure to add taste and nutrition to every day! Ideal for a flavorsome snack, or as garnishing on salads and yogurts, desserts and ice cream. Try the pineapple, chiku and jackfruit flavours as well!

2. Quinoa Puffs

Bite into these healthy quinoa puffs for a spicy blast! Puffed quinoa makes a healthy, crunchy addition to your everyday diet, snack on them with your daily cup of morning tea! The Healthy Alternatives Spicy Tangy Salsa Quinoa Puffs give you all the benefits of quinoa in a crusty chow! These pops are packed with high-quality protein, fiber and iron. Don’t just stop at salsa, try the jalapeno and peppy cheese flavours, too!

3. Jowar Flakes

Roasted Jowar Flakes are great to snack on in between meals. Eat healthy without compromising on taste with the Healthy Alternatives Roasted Jowar Flakes Mix Tomato & Pudina!A delectable mix of jowar, moong and masoor, it is roasted to perfection. This Healthy Alternatives roasted snack is a must-have for any health fanatic!

4. Cold Pressed Juices

Made from natural sugarcane and lemon, the Healthy Alternatives Cold Pressed Sugarcane Lemon Juice is a great way to satiate those sweet cravings with no added sugar! Sugarcane is a natural energizer and also does the job of quenching your thirst. This juice is best had in the evening, so, replace your sugary chai with this sugarcane marvel. Stock up on the Healthy Alternatives range of cold pressed juices for a blast of flavour and fun with a healthy punch!

There are many more healthy snacks waiting for you at Nature’s Basket. Log in now to give your pantry a healthy makeover.

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