Healthy Snack Options To Munch On

While we have jumped on to the wagon of healthy eating, we often eat the wrong snack between the meals. Snacking is the one thing that can make you jump out of your healthy eating train! It is extremely important to watch what you eat, even between your three big meals. To make your life easier and calories lesser, we at Nature’s Basket have brought to you some packed healthy snacks which are absolutely guilt-free! 

  1. Healthy Alternatives Tangy Makhana 

Prepared to be blown away right at the first bite! Step to stop yourself from having the whole packet. Smile away with these crunchy guilty free treat that won’t add weight but great flavours. Gluten-free roasted makhana seasoned with barbeque flavour. Nose tingling barbeque coated crispy makhanas spicy seasoning on crispy makhanas roasted in olive oil.

2. Snacked Honey Nut Crunch

Enjoy this mix as an in-between meal snack or as an on-the-go snack for everyday adventures. A stand-up, resealable bag helps ensure maximum freshness, all the way down to the last handful.

3. Healthy Alternatives Chana Dal Pudina 

Loaded with protein and dietary fibre, Healthy Alternatives Chana Dal Pudhina Roasted from Nature’s Basket is a great snack while on the go. It can be consumed whole as a snack or mixed up with tomato, onion, cucumber, red chilli powder, and little lime juice. Healthy Alternatives Chana Dal Pudhina Roasted has excellent nutritive value and is rich in essential vitamins.

4. Hunters Baked Pretzo Sea Salt

A perfect sweet and salty snack for you to munch on during your meals. These can be eaten during tea time with the perfect sip of your green tea. These pretzels are packed with various nutrients and fibre to keep you healthy.

These are the perfect snack options for you to munch on when the unnecessary hunger pangs strike! We at Nature’s Basket have various such snacks for all you health wizards out there. You can check them out here.

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