What Kind Of Cheese Are You?

What Kind Of Cheese Are You

We all love cheese; because let’s face it everything tastes better with cheese in it. When it comes to cheese we all have our favourite too. Some prefer the crumbly feta others prefer the sharp cheddar cheese because of the sharper flavour. And while different kinds of cheese are used in different dishes, we all have our favourite dish which tastes better because of the hero ingredient – cheese. Read on to know more about what kind of cheese are you.

1. Mozzarella


Usually used in pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches, mozzarella is a stringy cheese that has a firm texture and is full of mild salty flavour. A true blue mozz cheese lover is an easy outgoing person who loves to keep things simple. For these minimalists, sophistication is a way of life and always will be.

2. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese

The cheddar-head is classic all the way! They tend to be well-balanced people with an appreciation for everything vintage, but are simultaneously up to date with the trends. They are all about holding onto the best elements of the past, while still managing to move forward with all things contemporary.

3. Feta cheese

Feta cheese

With a naturally glowing skin and a zest for a healthy lifestyle, you know you have spotted a feta lover. Although fans of feta cheese are unexpected daredevils they are centred and easy to talk to. Just like the zip that they love to taste in salty Feta cheese, these individuals live their life with enthusiasm, individuality, and love to be the centre of attention.

4. Brie Cheese

Brie Cheese

Much like the cheese itself, a brie lover embodies sophistication and elegance. These romantics enjoy spending weekends at galleries and daydream of perfect dates. They like art, flowers, strong coffee and have a strong appreciation for aesthetics.

5. Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

If you lean towards parmesan you probably already know that you are a kitchen genius. Parmesan cheese lovers have a natural chef’s instinct and a knack of making the simplest dish taste gourmet. They come across as strong and opinionated but in reality, they are organized and thrive on setting goals.

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