Try something New in 2012 – BBQ!

Try something New in 2012 - BBQ!

The weather is cool and crisp, perfect for barbeques, so fire up those BBQs and grills and grill up some deliciously succulent platefuls of meat and vegetables. For those who do not have a grill or BBQ, no worries! An oven or a grill pan works just as well!

Try BBQing or grilling meats and vegetables. Not only is it quick, but uses high heat so that the foods you are cooking retain most of their nutrients while caramelising the flavours of the ingredients on its surfaces, making it truly succulent. Grilled food is delicious, infused with a rich distinctive smoky flavour and grilling on a high flame helps meats and vegetables hold their nutritional goodness in more than many other ways of cooking. And done right it could also be calorie-friendly.

The key element in a successful barbeque is the marinade, it is the agent that protects the food from the direct heat and also seals in all the flavours added to the marinade and the juices of the meat or veggie being cooked. It is also important since cooking of meats (particularly red meat and chicken) at very high temperatures until surface charring occurs can cause cancer causing substances to form. Marinades minimise this risk by as much as 98%.

But it can sometimes be difficult to get the marinade right, which could lead to disappointment. Rather than spending time making your own marinade why don’t you try something new? Pick from our range of BBQ sauces to add extra flavour to your grilled dishes. For truly authentic flavour, the Jack Daniels Full Flavour Smokey Barbecue Sauce is rich and oaky with a warm hickory favour. Enjoy as a dipping sauce with wedges, brush over chicken wings or use as a marinade for a hickory scented steak. For those looking for something a little different, we recommend the Kraft BBQ Hot sauce, which has a spicy kick to it and is ideal for food lovers. If you like your meats a little sweet, try the Kraft BBQ Honey Mustard sauce, for a sweet subtly pungent flavour.

Grilling offers endless opportunities to create a world of satisfying and delicious meals. A nice crisp Salad and good bread and spreads on the side and a chilled beer is all you need to have a perfect meal!

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