Romance in the Mornings: Some Breakfast Ideas

morning breakfast

Cereal Love..

If you would like to make your loved one feel special this Valentine’s Day , what better way to do so than to surprise them in bed with a pretty tray full of fresh, home-cooked breakfast? There’s something heart-warming about having a tray of hot food brought to your bedside.
All you need is some creativity and a few minutes more than normal.

Is breakfast usually cereal? A few quick touches and you can make it superb!
Serve in a colourful ceramic bowl; try a new flavour – cinnamon flavoured oats perhaps?
Top with some toasted almonds or honey and finish with apples. Or layer muesli in a clear glass with frozen yogurt like a parfait and finish with fresh berries.


Toast your love

Is bread/toast your morning starter?
Choose from a wide selection of options to dress things up…. Opt for Cheese muffins or Chocolate croissants to enjoy with your morning cuppa. Or pick up some focaccia studded with olives or cherry tomatoes to tear with your hands and offer it to your loved one with some tapenade or pesto for a quick Mediterranean breakfast.

strawberry smoothie

Smooth sailing

Prefer to start your day with a smoothie or milkshake? Try a combination of chocolate and strawberry, peanut butter and chocolate, banana and Nutella, orange and other berries for some truly wonderful shakes.
Alternatively, add some strawberries to your OJ and turn it into a crimson love potion!

french strawberry toast

French kissing

Add a twist to the classic French toast with this idea! Lavishly slather slices of bread with Nutella and sandwich together. Then gently fry in butter on a hot pan. Serve with strawberries or caramelised orange segments macerated in wine or Cointreau. Nutella not your thing? Try different spreads, preserves and jams.


Pancake love

Use a ready pancake mix to quickly whip up a stack of spongy pancakes. Keep them plain or flavour by adding vanilla bean, coffee or chocolate to the mix. Top with some compound orange butter, nutella, honey or splurge with a dollop of ice-cream ! Add that gourmet touch, with fruit like oranges, grapes, berries macerated in a splash of Cointreau or wine for the most decadent start to the day. Sugar to sweet to start your day with?
Try a savoury approach with thinner crepes stuffed with cheese and salami. Or shredded chicken with aherb mayonnaise.

half fry egg

Say it with flowers

None of our suggestions hit the spot? Cook up your lover’s favourite dish and garnish it with some of our edible flowers in vivid colours from yellow to flame red, guaranteed to instantly brighten up any plate…
Preparing and serving a special breakfast is easy. A few small touches; pretty tray cloth, colourful plates or doilies, the good cutlery and a little planning of colours and shapes of the meal itself will make for a special meal that will make that person feel special.

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