Kids’ Special

Your kids may be fickle about their food but we found a way to get around it. Be it their exams, birthday or just a midday snack, try these tasteful recipes for your humble sugar loving kids and trust us, they will absolutely love it!

1. Creamy Veggie Wrap

Your kid’s exams are coming close and that means so are yours! Taking care of your kid’s diet to prevent those nosey germs from doing their job is always on top of your list. An organic wheat based vegetarian wrap is a better alternative to your quick-fix sandwich. The best part about this recipe is no cooking time! You just have to assemble these ingredients and roll it with Healthy Alternatives organic wheat rotis. Easy & Healthy!



Wrap Filling: In a bowl whisk Healthy Alternatives oil, vinegar, chipotle sauce, and salt. Add cabbage, carrot and cilantro; mix well to combine.
Wrap Spread: In another bowl, mash beans and avocado and add in cheese and onion; mix well to combine.
Final Step: Now all you have to do is assemble the wraps before supper time! Spread a good amount of the bean-avocado mixture onto a wrap and top it with some wrap filling. Fold it tight and cut the wraps in half for your kid, if desired.

2. Snakes on your Plate 

Hosting a kid’s party is a tricky affair. Kids are little food critics who are very difficult to please. So next time you are hosting a party, involve your kids in preparing this fun recipe that most kids will enjoy. It’s healthy and delicious!


For the decoration:

2 circles of red pepper for the eyes
A skewer, cut in half
A strip of ham, cut into a tongue shape
Cut the ends of a cucumber for head & tail
1 kiwi fruit, sliced (See image)

Tip: Use a round cookie cutter to prepare circle-shaped sandwiches


1.Make a pair of each: peanut butter and jam sandwiches; two cream cheese, carrot and chive sandwiches; cucumber sandwiches.
2.Cut out these sandwiches into circles using your cookie cutter.
3.On a large tray, arrange the sandwiches vertically so as to resemble a snake.
3.To make the head & tail, use the cucumber pieces and complete the decoration as shown in the picture. Use the halves of the skewers to stick the eyes into the cucumber. Cut a mouth in front of the snake’s head, and insert the tongue. You can get as creative as you wish here.

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