Healthy Munching – Seeds That’ll Keep You Healthy

We always put a lot of emphasis on staying healthy by consuming fruits and vegetables but we often forget that these nutritious gains come from seeds. Many edible seeds are filled with plenty of nourishing fibres. When they are taken in on a daily basis you are taking in multiple vitamins and minerals in their natural form, which develops a healthy body. We have made a list of all the seeds that are highly beneficial for your body along with their advantages. Read on to know more about seeds that you can munch on and keep you healthy as well.

  1. Flax Seeds

Flaxseeds are known to be the most powerful plant-source food available. They have been cultivated for a long time and are used in most of our food products; from crackers to waffles. They are also fed to animals and birds to keep them healthy. Read below to know how they maintain our health.

  • They contain higher omega-3 fatty acids than eggs, which means you can have them in abundance in a go but won’t put on any weight. This also reduces cholesterol and chances of other heart diseases
  • They are loaded with different polyphenols like lignans that act as antioxidants
  • There is phytoestrogen present in flaxseeds that is alike to the female sex hormone, oestrogen, and reduces the risk of cancer

2. Hemp Seeds

This superfood not only adds crunch to our food but is filled with many healthy compounds that help sustain a fit and thriving body. These seeds are known for being one of the longest and durable fibres. Keep reading to know how they play a vital role when it comes to our well-being.

  • They are rich in gamma-linolenic acid that helps people who suffer from ADHD, breast pain and diabetes
  • It reduces C-reactive protein in the body that causes inflammation, which is linked to heart diseases
  • These seeds contain amino acid arginine that creates nitric acid. Nitric acid helps relax your blood cells, leading to low blood pressure and reduced the chances of a heart attack.

3.  Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are consumed frequently by the entire world. They may look small but are called the powerhouse of nutrients. They are usually roasted when they have to be consumed, but they can be consumed in their natural form as well. Scroll down to know how they keep our health in check.

  • Pumpkinseeds have phytosterols that are plant compounds which help reduce blood cholesterol
  • They reduce the amount of calcium in urine that prevents bladder stones, which lead to abdominal discomfort
  • They are full of magnesium that makes the bones and hair formation
  • Being a good source of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, they keep away the danger of heart disease
  • Pumpkinseeds are easy to digest and help in maintain the BMI

4. Sesame Seeds

These oil-rich seeds are known to be the most ancient seeds on earth. They are highly valued in the African and Mediterranean regions. Sesame seeds have the highest oil contents that also gives out a nutty, rich flavour. These seeds are added in so many dishes to enhance the taste. They are also high on nutritional levels. Read the points below to understand how.

  • They contain sesamin, that gets converted into enterolactone that reduces heart failures and breast cancer
  • Sesame seeds reduce inflammation and oxidative stress that decline the risk of arthritis
  • They increase aerobic capacity

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