A Twist on Lemonade!


There is nothing like a tall glass of homemade Lemonade to beat the heat! Freshly squeezed lemon juice stirred with sugar,a pinch of rock salt and topped with ice and chilled water or soda. A classic flavour that is great as it is or subtle enough to play with other flavours without getting lost. The ubiquitous lemonade can be modified, personalized and customized according to tastes, seasons, food pairings and more.

The many health benefits of lemons and lemonade are set in stone as attested by its consumption across nations and people groups. But the delicious taste and universal appeal only adds to its merits. Proven to be an essential source of Vitamin C while also having strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, lemon juice has firmly established itself in the culinary and medical tradition. Not only will a glass of lemonade sure to refresh, re-hydrate and re-energize the body by restoring lost nutrients after a hot day in the sun.


Add a touch of green and herby freshness by adding herbs, fruit and spices to your Lemonade. Release as much flavour as possible by muddling the ingredients together with sugar or syrup and adding the water or soda over the mix. For instance when using mint or basil, it is best to muddle leaves with a few drops of lemon juice before adding the water or soda. Try muddling citrus fruits, green apples, cinnamon, ginger and other things for added colour and flavour. One of our favourite tweaks with lemonade is to muddle rosemary, a squeeze of lemon and honey and top off with chilled water for a refreshing citrus drink with a herby note. For a summer-y lemonade, go from boring to blushing by adding pink, tart raspberries to a large pitcher topped off with sugar.


Another way to incorporate and layer flavours well is to infuse the desired ingredients into simple syrup that can sweeten your Lemonade. Infuse syrups with spices, fruit, flowers such as lavender or rose petals for fragrant simple variations. Infuse dried lavender buds into a simple syrup, a twist of lemon and iced water completes this bright floral concoction.


Cute and subtle not your thing? Go adventurous with a Latin pairing of lemon and jalapenos! Again start with a jalapeno simple syrup, season with a pinch of sea salt and stir into a pitcher of ice cold water. (Complete the Latin influence with a shot of tequila for an adult lemonade!) It can be as hot or mild as desired while providing something truly interesting to talk about. Browse through the many fabulous flavours from Monin to keep handy for hot days. Their ready mixes – citron, coconut and more are quick-fix ways to play around with the flavours in beverages without too much hassle.

As long as there is lemon in the ‘ade’, you can add or swap other ingredients to make some amazing variations. Experiment away this summer!

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