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This week we bring to you exciting news! We are pleased to announce that we now have a cook-book section consisting of a wide range of cookbooks by your favourite authors like Nigella Lawson, Karan Anand, Sanjeev Kapoor, Ritu Dalmia at Nature’s Basket! You can now browse through exquisite dinner recipes and purchase the required ingredients all in one go!

A list of some of the books available at our stores:

Any Time Temptation- Sanjeev Kapoor’s Any Time Temptations is an outstanding collection of exotic recipes found on the menus of fine-dining restaurants. Now you can cook these dishes at home and delight your near-and-dear ones. Though the product is about soups, salads, sandwiches, snacks and sweets, they can be combined to make a complete healthy meal.

Healing With Food- Dr. Anjali Mukerjee is a name synonymous with health and nutrition. The purpose of Healing with food is to tell us how our lives can be influenced, from sickness and ill health. Food has finally begun to be recognized as an important healing force.

Karen Anand’s International Cooking- This book of international recipes tries to find solutions to what is possible, what isn’t and how to cope with cooking ‘foreign’ recipes in a domestic kitchen in India. Karen tries to be faithful to the original recipes and flavours but has sometimes taken the liberty to be flexible with ingredients. The recipes in this book are a collection of both aspirational restaurant recipes and easy to make ones, both of which captivate the flavour of that country and its people.

Khana Khazana A Celebration Indian Cookery- Picking the best of the delicacies from a number of states in India Sanjeev Kapoor once again brings a winner.

Microwave Cooking Made Easy- Sanjeev Kapoor takes microwave cooking to another level with his innovative cookbook. Be it the Dal or an Irish Coffee, be it the Smoky Fish Kabab or a Vegetable Idli, microwave cooking is the thing to do!

Non Veg Snacks n Starters- Sanjeev Kapoor’s selection of mouth-watering delights. He says a perfect starter would be the one that teases the taste buds just enough to help you relish the main meal that will follow. Quite often it so happens that one ends up filling their stomachs with the starters for so delicious are they that one just cannot stop eating.

Party Party (Also available in Marathi)- This book, comprising recipes carefully put together by Mrs Nirmala Tilak, will appeal to those who often face difficulties in choosing the right vegetarian dishes for their friends. Its is full is of tasty recipes, from difference parts of India that range from the Saraswat to the Gujarati, mild Bengali to the favourite spicy Punjabi cuisine and also includes a few continental dishes and decadent desserts.

The Mainland China Cookbook- The Mainland China Cookbook includes all the Chinese restaurant chain’s favourite dishes and teaches you how to whip up the perfect Chinese meal in your kitchen. Spicy Hunan prawns, quick fried snow peas with garlic pearls, chicken with chilli and cashewnuts, lamb with cumin, hot and sour soup—try these and more. Accompanied with notes on the main regional styles, techniques and tips for easy cooking, and a list of suppliers in all major metros,

Modern Spice Indian Food Today- Monica Bhide with her book teaches you how to cook Indian food for today’s kitchen, giving you recipes that are quick to make, short on ingredients, and full of global influences. Try an Indian inspired cocktail; soups and salads using masalas; Indian-style stir fries, and fantastic spice combinations for meat dishes. Whether it’s for a quick meal or a stylish party, here are recipes bursting with flavour and originality. Full of passion and mouth-watering ideas, Modern Spice is the most fun you’ll ever have in your kitchen.

How to be a Domestic Goddess- How to be a Domestic Goddess by our beloved Nigella Lawson is not about being a goddess, but about feeling like one. What this deliciously reassuring and mouthwatering cookbook demonstrates is that it’s not hard to bake a tray of muffins or a sponge layer cake — but the rewards they bring are disproportionately high. There’s everything from cupcakes to chocolate cakes; from brownies to bagels; from gooseberry-cream crumble to double apple pie; from pizza to pistachio macaroons; scones and muffins; cheesecakes and steamed syrup sponge; from baklava to a Barbie cake; as well as children’s cooking, Christmas baking and other wonderful family festive treats — all illustrated with ravishing photographs throughout.

How To Eat & The Pleasures principles of Good Food- In the introduction to this volume, Nigella Lawson explains why it is called ‘How To Eat’, rather than ‘How To Cook’: she believes that it is impossible to be a good cook if you don’t enjoy eating. She talks about shopping for food, preparing it, cooking it, serving it and savouring it. I haven’t found them so far, but I’m sure there are tips on doing the washing-up, too. This is the kind of cookery book that you can enjoy reading, with the added bonus that it’s packed with great recipes.

Cook Right 4 Your Type: In his first book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic physician and researcher, makes interesting and unique connections between human evolution, blood type, diet, exercise, and health.

From XL to XS- A fitness gurus guide to change your body – XL to XS by Payal Gidwani, Bollywood s most celebrated yoga expert, tells you how to get From XL to XS.
With simple and easy to follow principles and exercise routines, learn how to lose (or gain) weight, stay fit and transform your body structure.

Italian Khana- How do you cook yummy authentic Italian food in your Indian kitchen with what is available in your local market? Ritu Dalmia, chef and owner of Diva, Delhi’s most beloved Italian restaurant, has all the answers in her first cookbook- Italian Khana

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