What’s Your Hummus Flavour?

We all know that hummus has taken over the world’s taste buds, and we’re not complaining. Be it game day or a sophisticated get-together, hummus is a must-have on the menu. What makes this simple chickpea spread even more amazing is the fact that you can customize it however you want, and the types of hummus are endless. They say you are what you eat, so let’s find out which L’Exclusif Hummus Flavour suits your personality the best.

1. Peri-Peri Hummus

This one’s for the hot heads, of course. This fiery hummus spread adds a zesty twist to the traditional dip. The L’Exclusif Peri-Peri Hummus is a must-try for all the spicy food lovers. With this dip on the side, nothing you eat will taste boring or bland. So if you’re someone who likes to keep things dramatic, go for this intense hummus flavour. Dip some Dorito chips or crunchy bell peppers to relish this spread.

2. Basil Pesto Hummus

In this one, our traditional hummus receives an Italian makeover with the Basil Pesto flavour. Keeping it classy and cool, the L’Exclusif Basil Pesto Hummus is an epic marriage between two delectable and widely loved spreads. For all you minimalist and chic souls, this type of hummus is your calling. It’s green, delicious, and goes perfectly with fresh veggies like cucumber, carrots etc.

3. Classic Hummus

“Classics never go out of style.” “Simplicity is beauty.” You can add some more clichéd sayings here, and they’re all going to be true for this hummus flavour. It’s the original taste, and it’s always going to be the number one choice for all the hummus lovers out there. Are you a traditionalist at heart? Then this classic hummus is going to be your pick. A slice of toast, the L’Exclusif Classic Hummus, poached eggs and some sweet chili sauce – your dream breakfast is right here.

4. Thai Garden Hummus

Yes, it’s as exotic as it sounds. The L’Exclusif Thai Garden Hummus is a unique blend of Thai Red Chili, Thai Basil and Kaffir Lime Leaves along with a host of other ingredients to give it the ultimate hot flavour. Try this hummus flavour if you like to keep things out of the box and experiment with your taste buds. The spice added by Thai Red Chili and Thai Basil gives this spread a distinctive edge that you’ll find in no other type of hummus. With so many flavours dancing on your tongue already, all you need is some good old pita bread to enjoy this dip.

So which L’Exclusif Hummus is your kind of style? Go to the Nature’s Basket online store to get your L’Exclusif Hummus Collection now!

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