DIY Easter eggs

This Easter we hope your Easter basket is full of joy, happiness and a lot of pretty Easter eggs. Make some of the prettiest eggs with easily ingredients around the kitchen. Here are some DIY tricks we have up our sleeves.

Marble eggs

All you need for this is whipped cream, food colours of your choice, white vinegar and hard boiled eggs waiting to be marbelled. Thaw the whipped cream in a baking dish and swirl the colors using a toothpick or a knife. Soak the hard boiled eggs in vinegar for 10 minutes, this allows the eggs to absorb the colour. Remove the eggs from vinegar and pat them dry. Then cover them in the coloured cream mixture and let it sit for atleast 15-20 minutes. Remove the excess by gently placing the eggs in a bowl of water. Pat dry and allow to dry completely. And tadaaa! It’s ready.

Matte and shiney eggs

While matte eggs can be made simply by colouring them with acrylic paints and letting them dry, to make shiny and glossy eggs all you need to do is rub bacon fat or little vegetable oil on them once they are dry.

Pastel eggs

Bring out your favourite colour pots and paint your favourite patterns. If you would like to go the natural way, use spices or vegetable dyes for an organic feel. For example to get a natural yellow dye, boil water with distilled white vinegar and turmeric. Add the eggs in this and let them steep for atleast 30 minutes and upto 3 hours as per the desired intensity of the colour. Swap the turmeric for red cabbage to get a blue/purple dye.

Laced up eggs

Picture Courtesy:Univision

Decorate your Easter eggs with your favourite fabric hues. Use old ties, scarves or even lacey border and make your masterpiece just with a little help of Fabric glue. Rest the eggs against a pin board that will help them dry perfectly.

Enjoy your Easter. 

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