Are Infused Teas Good For You?

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Infused teas have recently joined the par-tea and we can’t get enough of them! Tea enthusiasts all over have embraced herbal and fruit infused teas wholeheartedly. But where does the line between tea and infused tea blur and does it really make that much of a difference? We bet you have a million questions brewing up in your mind right now. But fret not, just read on and sip on for good health!

1. Tea Vs. Infused Teas- Get The Difference

Tea, infused tea, fruit tea, herbal tea, herbal infusions, is your head spinning already? Even the most devout tea-lover may not be able to tell the difference between regular teas and tea infusions. So, what is an infusion after all? Infusions are made by letting herbs and fruits simmer in hot but not boiling water for a long time. All teas are technically infusions except that, actual infusions are steeped for longer in chunks full of herbs. Simply put, you drink tea to get your brain ticking, you drink infusions to get your body moving.

2. The Health Booster You Need

Infused teas can supplement your body with a much larger dose of nutrition than regular teas. Sip on tea infusions to stock up on some much-needed vitamins and minerals. You can even brew up various infusions using particular herbs to fight certain illnesses. Down with the common cold? Get a pot of jasmine infused tea brewing!

3. Go Caffeine-Free

If caffeine is your answer to get the creative juices of your brain flowing, well we hate to break it to you but it’s not doing much for your body, mate. Caffeine can affect the calcium levels in your body that means that it is so not good for your bones! Most true herbal and fruit teas are decaf as they are not made from tea leaves. So, a cup of pure peppermint tea can do you more good than a cup of black tea.

4. Pure Fruity Goodness

Sipping on fruit tea infusions made using fresh fruits like blueberries, raspberries, orange, peach is a whole lot better than gulping down aerated drinks full of artificial sugar as pure fruit teas only contain natural sugar. How about that cup of flavourful, aromatic cranberry and raspberry tea now?

5. Infuse Teas With Fresh Fruit

Here’s a quick way to infuse that delicious fresh fruit flavour to your everyday teas! To make a pot of fruit tea, add two green tea bags and ½ cup of chopped fresh fruit into a one-quart mason jar and fill it to the top with boiling water. Steep for ten minutes, strain, and serve either hot or over ice.

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