What Kind of Tea Person Are You?

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In India, tea is so much more than just a mere beverage to help you kick-start your day. Every tea lover has a different way of enjoying their tea and with the market flooded with new varie-teas, one can get confused about their preferences. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there. Read on to find out whether it’s your cup of tea or not –

1. The Kadak Chai Lovers

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Chai is not your average beverage – it is an elixir that boosts your energy after a long, stressful day! If you are a kadak chai lover, you like it strong, sweet and brewed to absolute perfection. The spices are extremely important and if you consider yourself a true chai specialist, the deep brown colour is your way of knowing whether it is the perfect cup of tea or not. The Tea Culture – English Breakfast Loose Tea is your best friend when it comes to a perfectly brewed kadak chai.

2. The Obsessive Health Benefit Seeker

If you’re always lurking in the health section of the grocery store and will settle only for something that gives your health a vigorous boost, including tea – you fall under this category. The Healthy Alternatives – Immunity Tea is perfect for you with the nutritious blend of green tea, mint leaves, basil and cinnamon. The benefits of green tea have been the talk of the town for a while now, but did you know that cinnamon is a high source of antioxidants and that mint is one of the best remedies for all stomach related problems? This cup of wellness is definitely your way to improved immunity and health.

3. The Weight Loss Fanatic 

Several studies have shown that tea can help boost metabolism and reduce the fat content in the body. If you are the kind that counts calories for every morsel of food – you are the weight loss tea drinker. The Healthy Alternatives – Slimming Tea detoxifies the body and aids weight loss. It has the added benefits of boosting your energy levels so that you can work out even better. So all of you health freaks out there, who can’t stand an extra calorie, include this tea in your diet to stay healthy and happy!

4. The Milk Baby – Masala Tea

If you like your tea most parts milk, then you are the milk baby. You like your tea milky and sweet. Not only does it give you a boost of calcium from the wholesome cup of milk but also tastes absolutely delicious. The Tea Culture – Ginger Tea is the perfect tea for you.

5. The Traditionalist

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Like your tea fuss-free, simple and all black? You are the traditionalist tea drinker. The Tea Culture – Earl Grey Loose Tea is made for you. Not only does the Earl Grey Tea boost digestion but also fights depression and anxiety. A true stress reliever, this tea will help you relax and unwind after a long, stressful day.

So what kind of tea person are you? Head to the Nature’s Basket  now and pick your tea now!

If you’re the kind that doesn’t steer away from experimentation, check out these 4 Unique Brews  that you can try at home to enjoy your tea.

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