Why Switch To Beetroot Pasta

From pizzas to pastas, all our favourite fast-foods now come with their vis-à-vis healthy versions! If you are looking to supplement your diet with oodles of taste and health then we have got just the thing for you. Blow your taste buds away and ace those beach bod health goals at the same time with this beetroot marvel! Check out the top 4 reasons to switch to beetroot pasta.

1. Get The Goodness Of Natural Ingredients

Made from carefully handpicked natural ingredients, the Healthy Alternatives Beetroot Gluten-free Pasta can sustain your meal with natural fibres, slow releasing energy while enriching your palette with the deep, earthy flavours of beets.

2. No More Guilt-Trips Over Pasta

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White pasta can be full of unhealthy refined carbs that are definitely not going to help you make those beach bod dreams come true. But fear not, this beetroot veggie pasta can save you all those endless Italian guilt-trips! Though beetroot has a high sugar content, it’s low in calories and almost fat-free, so, it can make you feel full on lower calories as well. So, get on board this beetroot joy ride!

3. Time To Turn Up The Beet

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So, what can beetroot do for you? It turns out that beetroots are loaded with nutrients such as iron, manganese, copper, potassium, and magnesium. Beetroots are a good source of folate, a vitamin that can help improve mental and emotional health. Beets are also great for improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. So, are you ready to drop a beet?

4. Add Some Colour To Your Plate

Jazz up your dinner with a pop of red! Along with high-quality nourishment and wholesome taste, get some lovely colour on to your plate for some truly insta-worthy dishes. Now, how about that beetroot pasta alfredo or that mac and cheese, beetroot style? Swap white pasta for beetroot pasta in these alfredo pasta recipes for some ruby red fun!

Ready to go on this beetroot pasta escapade? Get all the ingredients you need at Nature’s Basket.

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