Is Ghee better than Butter?

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As Indians, we love the taste of ghee with our rotis, parathas and even puris. And what could be better than hot, gobblesome, ghee drenchedrotis?But we also love our buttered toast for breakfast and a plate full of butterlicious pav bhaji.
Both butter and ghee have been used extensively in Indian kitchens but when it comes to health, which one is actually better for you? We are here to tell you which among your favourite products you can indulge in more often.

1. Ghee

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Ghee is the traditional substitute for butter, which we all know about but many of us choose not to use it due to its taste. Ghee is made removing the water and milk fats from butter. Ghee is as desi as it can getand has found its honorary place in the kitchen of every traditional Indian household.

So how is ghee better than butter? Well for one, it’s an unprocessed fat and is also lactose -free, which is why it is a blessing wrapped in dairy goodness for people who may have allergies or are sensitive to dairy products. This buttery cup full of fluiddeliciousness may also help you lower cholesterol levels with regular use. But just be sure, not to go overboard on the ghee express, three teaspoons a day of Healthy Alternatives Cow Ghee shall suffice.

2. Butter

We, Indians, love butter in almost every dish we make, be it butter chicken or even a hot slice of buttered toast for breakfast.  Believe it or not, butter does have a few benefits, so you can indulge in this yummy treat without guilt-tripping yourself so much.
Butter is loaded with antioxidants that protect you from weak arteries and free radical damage. It is a great source of vitamins E and K and can provide some quick energy as well. So, how about that gorgeously buttered slice of garlic bread, now?

3.Which to eat and why?

Ghee is great for people with lactose intolerance and who are allergic to dairy products, it has no trans fats and is unprocessed. It can help to lower unhealthy cholesterol levels while butter may actually lead to an increase in these levels. Being the unadulterated version ghee is a better option over butter, but if your heart still calls out to butter go for the made-at-home, unprocessed version.

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