Why Is The West Raving About Ghee?

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Whether it’s a plate stacked with hot stuffed paneer parathas or a bowl full of spicy dal tadka, all your favorite Indian dishes are incomplete without ghee. For more than thousands of years, ghee has been an integral part of the Indian diet. It has so many uses, not just in terms of cooking but also for skincare, hair care. This gem has started shining over the world recently and is soon to be a viral new health trend. But in our bid to lose weight, we often skip out on this highly nutritious supplement. If ghee only reminds you of fat and weight gain, you must read on to reiterate your faith in it! Health Benefits Thanks to the low-fat content of ghee, it is very easy to digest. Not just that, it is also less problematic for people who are lactose or casein intolerant. Including ghee in your diet helps you lose weight. Long term benefits include stronger bones and an even stronger immune system. Ghee is also rich in Vitamins A, K, and E, which help reduce the risk of cancer, infertility, cancer, dementia, smoke, loss of vision. Ghee is known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and raise the level of good cholesterol. Even though ghee has a lot of benefits, it is advisable to not consume more than 2-3 teaspoons in a day. Smooth Cooking Ghee is an amazing alternative to oil and butter while cooking. Ghee has a really high smoke point. You can fry in it and it still won’t break down like other oils do. It does not turn brown or smoky easily. Ghee also has an amazing flavour.  It is neither bland nor salty like butter. Just one tablespoon of ghee can replace three of oil/butter in your everyday diet. No wonder it’s considered the best option for frying and sautéing. Hair & Skin Care Ghee is a natural moisturizer. It is miraculous for your skin and hair. Applying ghee with water or milk can brighten and hydrate your skin. Regular use can help slow down aging. It is also safe to use it to get rid of your baggy dark circles.  It is an amazing alternative to chap stick to make your lips more fuller and regain their colour. Ghee massages will help fight split ends and hair fall. Ran out of conditioner at home? Just apply ghee overnight. Free of Impurities The most amazing thing about ghee is that it’s completely natural. Unlike butter, there is no use of added fats or salt in the making of
ghee. Since ghee has a longer shelf life on its own, it does not even need
preservatives. The many advantages of ghee make it a must have in your
kitchen. Try Health Alternatives’ CowGhee; it will be the most used ingredient in your kitchen!
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