What’s your Foodie Quotient?

2016 is without doubt an exciting time to be a food connoisseur! It is a time of incredible growth in all aspects with fantastic opportunities for both producers and consumers. The team at Godrej Nature’s Basket has spent the last few weeks interviewing the top food experts in the country, from chefs,
restaurateurs, food consultants, nutritionists and food writers to bloggers and food stylists, to grasp and effectively compile the top trends of the food
scene in India. It is a fairly unanimous opinion that the hottest things in the foodscape today are regional Indian food along with modern Indian food. This is very encouraging for the kitchens of our nation are bursting with unexplored delicacies that are slowly becoming known as people have started ‘hankering for a taste of the North East, authentic Andhra-ite curries, traditional Parsi delights beyond patra ni machhi, Bengali food and the communal Bohra thal.’ Along with this movement towards the food of our home, Chef Ajay Chopra believes that Korean BBQ and nouveau South American food will continue to gain popularity.

Our experts believe that ‘time will continue to remain the biggest factor influencing consumer decisions in 2016.’ This factor is easily visible in the increased demand for ready-to-cook meal boxes along with a concern to eating healthy.

For those cooking at home, cooking techniques like baking, grilling and slow cooking will take precedence over unhealthy deep frying in 2016. Chef Ranveer Brar predicts that barbecuing and similar male, weekend cooking too will figure prominently.

Alternate grains, edible flowers and exotic vegetables have emerged as the most popular ingredients of 2015 and our panel of experts believe in the coming months, more and more consumers will experiment and begin using these ingredients; buckwheat, amaranth, calendula, hibiscus, pea shoots and berries.

Beverages like white and floral teas, cold pressed juices have led popularity polls while diets rich in omega 3 fatty acids and low in carbs are the favoured means of staying healthy. Flavoured cheese, exotic meats like duck and craft beer are other thrilling predictions to trend in 2016.

Each of these categories have been researched and beautifully illustrated by our designers in one handy foodie recknoner of what to expect in the next year.  Full of helpful tips, tested recipes and fun facts, this year’s Foodie Quotient 2016 Guide will up your Food Quotient. You can easily download it here as a PDF or pick up a copy at any of our stores.

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