Cheese. Fruit. Match!

Wondering what to serve at your next dinner party? Try this unique cheese and fruit platter which perfectly balances the creaminess of cheese and freshness of fruits. Different fruits pair well with different cheeses. Here are a few of our recommended combinations:

Apple and Brie

You can take any type of apple and make a classic combination with brie. Cut the apple in really thin slices and top them with slightly thicker slices of brie. Be careful to not cut the brie too thin as the juicy apples will over power the cheese flavour. This combination has a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

Figs and smoked Gouda

Figs are well known for their sweet flavour and sweet aroma, but did you know this velvety fruit pairs amazingly well with smoked cheese. The flavours of fig tone down the smokiness of Gouda and the sour taste of the latter brings out the complexity of the fig.

Cranberry and Mozzarella

Cranberry makes for an all time favourite party drink and pizzas topped with mozzarella are the number one party starters. It is as if cranberry and mozzarella are a match made in heaven because when paired together the sweetness of the fruit balances the mild taste of the cheese creating a new gustatory sensation. We would recommend Get Nature’s Best whole dried cranberries as they are not sweetened beyond recognition like others.

Apples, almonds, pear and Camembert

When apples, pears and almonds are paired with Camembert, the rich and creamy cow’s milk cheese, one is sure to experience nothing but sheer indulgence.

Pineapple and Parmesan

Parmigiano reggiano a.k.a parmesan is the cheese with a gritty texture, strong savory flavour and a sharp, fruity-nutty taste. When grated on pineapple, Parmesan will make you experience gastronomical euphoria in every bite.

Pear and Blue Cheese

What sets blue cheese apart from the rest is that it is made using raw cow’s milk and is aged for 60-90 days in controlled temperatures giving it a sharp and salty taste. This fruit and cheese combination is delicious and is a favourite amongst many. So roast the pear and pair it perfectly with blue cheese.

The good part about snacking on cheese and fruit together is that you can have them without any guilt. Although cheese has high fat content, a couple of slices every week do us no harm. The fruits are endowed with goodness and have high vitamins, minerals and fibres. This definitely makes a healthier and a tastier snack than a fried alternative.

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