5 Comfort Foods For This Rainy Season

5 Comfort Foods For This Rainy Season

The monsoons are a much loved season not just for the freshness and greenery associated with it, but also for the delectable food that makes the showers all the more special. While some monsoon days can be breezy and romantic, others can also be gloomy and dull. But there’s always something you can do to cheer up and food almost always does a pretty good job! These comfort foods are perfect for those rainy days.

1. Soup

Apart from being healthy, soups are easy to make and are so comforting during the rainy weather. Your immunity levels tend to be low during seasonal change and your body becomes vulnerable to catching infections. A piping hot bowl of soup can provide comfort and nutrition to the body. Opting for clear soups instead of heavy cream-based soups is the key. Take a pick from mushroom, broccoli, chicken or spinach soups for a boost of immunity and nutrition.

2. Fried Goods

We have all been there and monsoons do call out for enjoying fried savoury snacks guilt free. Relish in the spicy vada pavs, sweet and spicy corn pakodas, piping hot samosas or the occasional chicken wings. Alternately for those who aren’t too keen on pakodas, you can also indulge in rajma galouti kebabs and baked sweet potato fries. And while you are at it down them with some adrak wali chai.

3. Besan Ka Sheera

Surprised to see this one on the list? Monsoon is the time when most of us face the dreaded cold and flu and this sheera can boost your immunity as well as satisfy those cravings. Besan is a powerhouse of antioxidants that help clear your nasal tract. It is also an excellent source of vitamin B1. Combined with the goodness of ghee, nuts, and turmeric this sheera is a comfort food worth relishing.

4. Pad Thai

Thai cuisine has always been popular for its rich spices and delectable rich flavours. Make your monsoon dinners comforting and scrumptious with these Pad Thai noodles. Made with stir-fried noodles, tamarind juice, bean sprouts and red chilli pepper, this hot, tangy dish is a feast in itself.

5. Chips and Dips

Dips always make any and every season so much yummier. Indulge in some cheesy dips or gobble up hummus with your favourite chips. Dips like hummus are rich in iron and protein and are super filling. Not sure which hummus to buy? Whether you like a classic hummus or a spicy hummus, our selection of L’Exclusif hummus has it all.

Enjoy all these comfort foods this rainy season. Grab all the ingredients from Nature’s Basket store now!

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