Bachelorette Gifting Hampers

Bachelorette Gifting Hampers

You know what they say food never disappoints. Fit for any and every occasion, food hampers always wins the hearts of almost everyone. Why not go the food route for your friend’s bachelorette party this time? Ring in the bachelorette celebrations with these delightful luxury gifting hampers.

1. Grand Celebration Hamper

Grand Celebration Hamper

Bachelorettes always call for some pampering and indulgence. This hamper is curated keeping in mind the celebratory nature of the event. Whether you want to say congratulations to the bride to be or bring along some nibbles to your bestfriends hen party this Grand Celebration hamper is perfect. Binge on a selection of savoury & sweet essentials like spreads, vegetable chips, salted almonds, olives, rich & indulgent chocolates.

2. Wellness Lavish Delights Hamper

Wellness Lavish Delights Hamper

It is not very uncommon to meet a bride who is stressing about her nutrition and appearance before the wedding. Show your love and support and win them over with this Wellness Lavish Delights Hamper. This hampers contains an array of treats packed with flavour & essential nutrients like flax and chia seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach gluten-free pasta, honey, healthy tea, and healthy chips to keep their fitness on track before the D-day.

3. Choco Delight Hamper

Choco Delight Hamper

Nothing spells celebration like chocolate. Cocoa dense treats is the way to go when you don’t know how to woo a chocolate maven. A wide assortment of smooth and creamy Belgian pralines, delicious gummies and turron bars that come with this delectable Choco Delight Hamper is sure to make any bachelorette gifting a sweet affair.

4. Tea Fiesta Hamper

Tea Fiesta Hamper

Satisfy your tea lover’s endless desire for more tea with this Tea Fiesta Hamper. Brimming with fine assortments of uniquely blended teas, snacks, honey and much more this hamper is craftily curated and will leave the recipient in awe.

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