How To Treat Yourself This Diwali

The festive season is here and it is time to self-pamper yourself with some lovely, lavish festive goodies! But what, exactly, should you be binging on, this Diwali? Should you start feasting on those sugary, silver-coated Kajukatris or go for those exquisite Belgian chocolates? Fret not! This Diwali, we will show you how you can treat yourself with some luxurious holiday hampers and to-die-for Indian sweets recipes.

1. Junior Mini Treats

Price: 520/-

Do you have a secret candy fetish that you never told anyone about? Then, these Junior Mini treats are bound to cheer up the inner child in you! Feast on the caramel and chocolatey snickers and the fruity jujubes to satiate your sweet cravings, this festive season!

2. Savoury Celebration Hamper

Price: 753/-

Craving some extra crispy, salty potato chips to bite into? Get your munchies on with this Savoury Celebration Hamper during those one-season-a-day, binge-watching sessions. Feast on some crunchy, cheese and onion peanuts and some crumbly, hazelnut, short pastry cookies and more!

3. Indian Celebration Hamper


Indulge in some desi-goodness, this festive season, with this Indian Celebration Hamper! Pamper your inner foodie with some mouth-watering samosas and some crumbly, silver-coated kaju katris. This holiday hamper is your ultimate binging kit for Diwali!

4. Mexican Gourmet Hamper

Price: 1953/-

This Mexican Gourmet Hamper is full of exotic, fiery delights that will definitely put you (and your taste buds) in a festive mood, this Diwali! Dip those minty protein chips in some tangy, Mexican salsa and relish every single bite. Now, that’s what we call some true self-indulgence!

5. Junior Bumper Treats Hamper

Price: 3972/-

Are you ready to treat yourself in the most lavish and the most luxurious way? Then, this Junior Bumper Treats Hamper is just what you need, this festive season! What are you going to binge on, first? The creamy, sugar crackers or the barbeque-flavoured pringles? Doesn’t matter, it’s all for you, after all!

Ready to pamper yourself with these holiday hampers? Get your self-indulging kit here.

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