Take Your Fries Up A Notch!

Despite the name, French fries have become widely popular in American Cuisine. While these delicious golden potatoes are usually served on the side of a juicy burger or a savoury sandwich, French fries can be much more than just a plain, old side dish. Luckily, you can take your fries to the next level whether you bring home leftovers from a restaurant or make them fresh at home. Here are five tips for upgrading your french fries!

  • Make A Homemade Sauce 
    Add more flavour to your plain, salted French fries with a unique and tasty homemade sauce. If you’re more of a traditionalist, try whipping up a spicy ketchup or barbecue sauce from scratch. For more adventurous French fry connoisseurs, consider an avocado aioli or horseradish sauce.
  • Top Your Fries With Cheese 
    Cheese is the perfect ingredient for adding extra flavor to any hearty potato dish. Try melting some cheddar cheese on your basket of French fries with chili to create an American classic or top them with fresh cheese curds and gravy to make a delicious Poutine.
  • Throw Leftovers In The Waffle Iron 
    No one likes to throw away a big load of French fries, but the leftovers can get soft and mushy, losing that crisp, fresh-from-the-fryer texture. If you have a waffle iron, load your leftover fries into the device to create pull-apart waffle fries. This method of reheating your fries not only gives them a new aesthetic but also allows your soggy leftovers to regain their crispy texture.
  • Add Herbs And Spices 
    ​This is the simplest way of spicing up your fries. If you’re making french fries at home, some fresh herbs and spices can really kick the flavor up. For example, we recommend adding rosemary and garlic to your fries for the final minute they are frying. Another option is to make Cajun fries by sprinkling on some paprika and cayenne pepper. Of course, a little salt and pepper can go a long way as well.
  • Make It A Full Meal 
    Similar to hash browns, french fries can provide an excellent base for a more substantial dish. We suggest making delicious chicken parmesan and serving it over a bed of hot, crispy fries. Texturally, fries will add a bit of crunch to this classic Italian dish and also serve as a perfect vehicle for enjoying any leftover marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.

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