3 Ingredient Dessert That’ll Blow Your Mind

After lunch or dinner, a heavy or a light meal there’s always room for desserts! The mere mention of the word has the power to brighten up a dull day with ease! What if we tell you that you can make delicious desserts without having to put in too much effort, and using just 3 ingredients? Yes, you heard that right! Presenting tasty dessert recipe options, made up with just 3 ingredients. They are not only easy to make but also very sinful to relish.

Go on, don your chef hat and get started!

1. Strawberry Icebox Cake

Enjoy the delicious blend of strawberries in whipped cream on crunchy crackers, one of the easiest and tastiest desserts you could ever taste. Make this with just 3 ingredients in your very own kitchen and binge on it with your loved ones!


  • 5 cups sweetened whipped cream
  • 11 large graham cracker
  • 3 cups chopped strawberries


1. Take a glass baking tray, preferably square in shape

2. Now cover the base of the baking tray with a thin layer of whipped cream

3. Now place graham crackers on top of the whipped cream

4. Apply whipped cream above the layer of the crackers

5. Now make another layer by sprinkling pieces of strawberries

6. Now, put a layer of whipped cream above the strawberries

7. Repeat the procedure until the tray is full 

8. Allow it to settle

9. Let is rest, untouched and undisturbed for at least 3 hours in a refrigerator

10. After this, cut into square pieces and enjoy the treat!

2.  PeanutButter Cups:



1. Prepare a cupcake tin with 6 liners

2. In a bowl, mix peanut butter and powdered sugar until a smooth textured paste is achieved

3. Meanwhile, spread the melted chocolate at the bottom of each cupcake liner

4. Place the peanut butter mixture on the top of the chocolate

5. Cover each with more chocolate and smoothen out the top

6. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until chocolate has hardened

7. Remove peanut butter cups from the liners and serve the delicacy!

3.  OreoFudge


  • 2 cups sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
  • 2 1/2 cup crushed Oreos


1. Crush Oreos in a zip-lock bag

2. Take a shallow pan and place a parchment paper on it

3. Meanwhile, in a microwave-safe bowl, add chocolate chips and condensed milk

4. Microwave it, stirring every 30 seconds

5. Now remove it from the microwave

6. Add crushed Oreos in the mixture

7. Pour mixture into prepared pan and spread evenly

8. Let the fudge cool at room temperature

9. Then place in the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour

10. After that, remove it then cut into small squares

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