Is The Charcoal Food Trend Here To Stay?

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We have seen our fill of the bright and picturesque unicorn, rainbow and mermaid food trends. But the all new, darker, more sinister charcoal food trend is here to take you over to the other side.
From desserts to smoothies to pizzas, this monochromatic food trend has found its way everywhere.

So, what’s the deal with activated charcoal? Moreover, as delicious as it looks, is it safe to consume? Let’s dig deeper and find out whether black is the new black after all.

1.  What Gives These Foods Their Deep, Dark Colour?

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Activated charcoal is the by-product of burning coconut shells, wood, or other plant materials. That doesn’t sound edible, does it? But don’t fret, charcoal made from coconuts is actually harmless, and is not the same as eating something that is charred or burnt.

You can easily make it at home by burning wood, coconut shell or coal and then filtering the ash with calcium chloride. You can also use activated charcoal tablets but be sure to proceed with caution if it’s not used properly the dish may go down the drain.

2. The Dark Food Trend

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The moody trend has taken over Instagram and other social platforms by storm with various food bloggers adopting this trend in some fun and flavourful ways. We have seen our favourite foods in their blacker editions, everything fromice-creams, bagels, burger buns and even some pastas. Does this sinister food trend seem tempting to your palette?

You can experiment with charcoal to create some unique combinations like charcoal blueberry smoothies, black licorice cupcakes, charcoal black lemonadesor some activated charcoal waffle sandwiches.

Harbor in on this quick charcoal blueberry smoothie recipe. All you need is 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of frozen blueberries, ¼ avocado and a handful of spinach. Add in 1 or 2 charcoal capsules as required. Enjoy the sinister goodness!

(If you are taking any prescription medicine, do check with your physician before trying any activated charcoal foods to see whether it may interfere with theabsorption of the medicine by your body.)

3. Is The Charcoal Food Trend Safe To Eat?

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Charcoal can clearly work wonders on your skin and is known for itsdetoxifying properties, but how healthy is it to consume charcoal? Well, the good news is that the food trend has been approved by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Pointand the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
Various physicians have also clearly stated that it is a safe trend and poses no real threat to our bodies unless we overdo it. The rule here is to practice moderation and experimenting with the trend in a limited portion.

Charcoal has widely been used in hospitals to treat various cases of poisoning and has antidote like properties. Never been used in food before charcoal made from burning coconut shells may have varied medicinal properties but there isn’t enough data to prove the same.

But hey, what we do know is that if just want to have fun with charcoal and add a darker spin to your food with this black food trend, nothing is stopping you as long as you don’t over-indulge yourself.
Ready to try the charcoal food trend? Check out this charcoal ice cream recipe!

4. Black Charcoal Ice Cream Recipe

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•400 ml of whipping cream
•2 tablespoons of edible activated charcoal
•4 Healthy Alternatives Free Range Country Eggs
•140 grams of Healthy Alternatives Refined Sugar
•1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


1.Beat the whipping cream and activated charcoal with an electric mixer until it forms a thick ribbon when the whisk is lifted.
2.In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs and add the sugar and vanilla. Beat well with an electric mixer until the mixture forms a ribbon when the whisk is lifted and the ribbon remains on the surface of the mixture for a few seconds.
3.Add half of the egg mixture to the whipped cream and whisk together. Add the remaining egg mixture and gently fold the mixture together to combine. Make sure to be gentle and keep the mixture as airy as possible.
4.Pour the ice cream into a Tupperware container, and seal it with the lid. Place this container in the freezer for 7-8 hours to chill and set.

Ready to get your charcoal on? Get your ingredients here.

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