Celebrating The Women Of Nature’s Basket

When you go to a Nature’s Basket store to pick out your favourite groceries, do you ever stop to think where all that fresh produce is coming from? A farm, of course. But who are these people working tirelessly to give us the best of the harvest? They’re our personal superwomen! This women’s day, we want you to meet the hidden figures of the food industry whose strength, passion, and of course, an excellent sense of quality and taste brings great food to our tables every day. Take a look at their personal journeys and get to know the story behind the scenes.

Nanda Kadam  – Vegetable & Grain farmer

Nanda is a vegetable and grain farmer from a small village in rural Maharashtra. She’s one of the many women from that village without whom, our grains and vegetables section wouldn’t be the same. Read in her own words, what she has to say about the fresh produce of Nature’s Basket:

Sayali Kanafade – Fishery Quality Executive

We at Nature’s Basket always take pride in the supreme quality of our seafood, satisfying seafood lovers across Mumbai with the best catches of the day. Well, the secret of our excellent produce lies in the hard work of Sayali Kanafade, our Fishery Quality Executive.

Shital Tamboli – Vegetable farmer

Shital is another vegetable farmer, and just like Nanda, she dedicates every single day to growing the best of vegetables. Next time you’re at the store, make sure you pick the freshest veggies! Chances are, it came from Shital’s farm with a lot of love.

Aditi Malik – CEO at Conscious Foods

Age is just a number, and this is proven by Aditi every day with her brilliant work at Conscious Foods. See how Aditi has provided us Mumbaikars with a healthy, environment friendly alternative to our everyday food needs.

Gurneet Kaur Dhingra – Patisserie Chef

Every time you fill your cart with all that baked comfort food, you
put a smile on Gurmeet’s face. We at Nature’s Basket are glad that she
shattered the glass ceiling, because those pastries and cakes are just way too
delicious to miss out on!

So head to your nearest Nature’s Basket store this week and encourage these women, and many more out there whose hard work gives you the best of food and more.

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