To Soup Or To Juice

Almost everyone these days is going on a cleanse. Detoxification is the word of the day and soups and juices are pouring all over the detox world. But which one should you go for? Is your gut telling you to go with the cool green kale smoothie or ladle up some piping hot pumpkin miso?
Before you get your broth or smoothie on, put the blender on hold and proceed with caution. While liquid cleanses may be all the hype these days but in the long run they cannot replace a well-balanced diet loaded with veggies or a hard-core exercise regime.
Two things that help keep the in-built everyday cleansers of your body in good shape- We are talking about your kidneys and liver!

That being said, a short-term liquid cleanse if done right can be rather refreshing and easy on the stomach. So, which one’s right for you? Let’s find out, Ladles up!


Juicing as you can guess consists of sipping through tea, water and fruit or vegetable juices for one to five days and not much else. The problem with juicing is not only that it doesn’t sustain you throughout the day but they also low on fiber, nutrients, and vitamin.
Because after squeezing those raw green vegetables and fresh fruits through a blender what are you left with? A ton of calories! While all the essential good for you fiber goes to waste with the pulp.
And any weight lost during juicing will find its way back soon after you go off your liquid detox diet. But if you still really want to try a juice cleanse, a short one or two-day cleanse is not a bad option.
A healthy cleanse offers juices made from all sources like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. Another way to juice without all the hassle is to incorporate juicing into a well-balanced diet supported with whole foods.
This way you can juice without depriving yourself of all the healthy fats, amino acids, and fiber. A win-win for all!


Souping is as the name suggests consists of devouring steaming hot, flavorful broths throughout the day. Souping unlike juicing contains lots of fiber as you can include actual whole vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains etc.
It is also more enjoyable as you can play around with a variety of flavors and ingredients to create some delicious combinations. Try a beef pho or a butternut squash blended soup to heat up your day.
The only down side with souping is that it doesn’t meet the essential quota of calories for the day. This can easily be balanced with some healthy snacks. A pure soup cleanse can be followed for three days if it provides you with 1,200 calories per day.
Don’t fret if you want to get onboard the souping express but don’t want to go without any actual food. Start with a wholesome meal plan and indulge in one cup of scrumptious broth a day.
Get recipes for five delicious monsoons soups for your dinner table here. Happy Souping!

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