It’s Getting Toasty

Do you wake up and run to your toaster because you can’t do without your morning toast? You aren’t alone.
Toast is versatile.
Toast is quick.
Toast is delicious.
Toast is easy.

You can make it sweet, spicy, or savory, and we simply can’t think of a better more diverse ingredient that can be combined with so many amazing flavors! If you live for your slice of crunchy, perfectly toasted bread, then read on, because we have a toasty week planned for you!

Motivational Monday

It’s the start of the week and we need you to stop dreading it. Monday is crucial. It could make your week or break your week. We need it to be perfect. Sweet, sour, and healthy. Our Mango, Lime, and Mozzarella Toast is the perfect blend of healthy and tasty! It’s the juicy, succulent start you need. Toast some of our sourdough bread and top it with fresh mozzarella. Throw on some diced mangos with a few pomegranate seeds. Add the zest of one lime all over and enjoy a sweet, tangy toast.

Tasty Tuesday

Fresh into the week, Tuesday needs to be tasty. You have to be empowered enough to make it through the rest of your week. For Tuesday use our gluten free bread, and spread a thick layer of home-made hummus. Arrange sliced avocados on the toast, giving your toast a nice color and a pleasant taste. Drizzle some olive oil and throw on salt and pepper. This avocado treat will make for an energetic start to the day.

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday is one of those whimsical days! You need something sweet, something out of the ordinary, something delicious without compromising on your health. For Wednesday, shuffle it up with a slightly sweet breakfast toast. Spread some cream cheese on our toasted whole wheat bread and add a mix of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Garnish with a basil leaf for a cooling taste. There you have it. Something simple, something scrumptious.

Terrific Thursday

It’s almost Friday, but not quite yet! Thursday’s toast must be a good old classic. Something that just can’t go wrong, something comforting, that you can rely on, that warms you up. Go for our white bread, toasted until it’s golden. Add a thick, generous layer of peanut butter, covering the toast completely. Add banana coins with a sprinkle of chia seeds. Here’s your comfort food. Something that’s been tried and tested and only gets better each time. An ode to your childhood.

FriedEgg Friday

Friday is for the truly exotic. It’s the end of the week. You can kick your shoes off and relax. You can stop hustling and finally relax. For a day this special, the morning must be spectacular. We give you Tomato, Chickpea and Egg toast. Toast a slice of our irresistible sourdough. Mashup some chickpeas with olive oil, butter, salt and pepper and apply a generous layer on the toast. Fry an egg and use the same pan to heat up a few tomato slices. Add the tomato slices and place the fried delicately on top. Yum, it’s FriYAY!

Satisfactory Saturday

Saturday needs to be healthy so Sunday can be absolutely the opposite. The weekend isn’t an excuse to slack, so our Saturday toast must be nutritious, but tasty too. For a different, unusual toast, take some of our multi-grain bread and toast it until it has the perfect crunch. Lightly sauté some kale and place it on the toast. In a bowl, beat one egg and season to taste. Add oil to frying pan. Pour beaten egg into the pan and let it spread thinly. Lower the heat. Once the omelet is cooked, use a rubber spatula to gently fold the omelet into quarters. Stack the omelet on the kale and generously grate cheddar cheese on top. Enjoy your yummy yet healthy breakfast.

Scrumptious Sunday

The week is ending and it must go out with a bang! Sunday must be perfectly tasty, completely crafted for your Instagram

feed.  Make yourself a delicious unicorn toast. Mix cream cheese and mashed berries in separate bowls, each berry giving the cheesy a distinct color. Spread this on our artisanal toasted bread and garnish with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and anything else you’d like! Sunday is for sugar and spice and all things nice!

Use our perfect ingredients to make your perfect week. Have breakfast like a king! Grab everything you need for the ideal week at your nearest Nature’s Basket store. Shop online or find the nearest store.Click here.

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