Your Guide To Nut Butters

Are you ready to get nutty? Because, here comes the butter half of your morning toast! Nut butters are all the rage nowadays, and why not? They are full of flavour and health. Creamy or crunchy? Sweetened or unsweetened? There are so many choices out there.

Who thought butter could be so overwhelming? But with this ultimate guide to nut butters, you can add a dollop of nutrition to your breakfast spreads.

1. All Hail Almond

Get the best of both worlds with the Healthy Alternatives Almond Butter! With its healthy monosaturated fats, protein and fiber content, it’s the perfect accomplice to your smoothies, bagels, muffins, and desserts.

It also contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and Vitamin E.  This natural nut butter is made up only of toasted ground almonds with just a hint of honey for a wholesome, creamy treat!

Add a nutty twist to some hummus by blending in some almond butter in the dip instead of tahini or whisk it into a basic vinaigrette to make a lip-smacking salad dressing. Make your soups even healthier by stirring in a bit of almond butter, it especially pairs well with butternut squash, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Or slurp on this grape and almond butter smoothie recipe for oodles of nutrition! Check out the recipe here.

2. It’s Time To Cashew 

Add a spoonful of Healthy Alternatives Cashew Butter to your diet to load up on some antioxidants, essential minerals and vitamins. Cashew butter is smooth and subtle in taste yet full of healthy dietary fiber. Give your sauces and desserts a dose of nutrition with some cashew butter!

Being the most versatile nut butter, cashew butter can be used for making loads of mouthwatering dishes! You can even use cashew butter to make some vegan cream cheese or mayonnaise. It also tastes absolutely divine with overnight oats especially, spiced with just a little bit of cinnamon.

You can even add some cashew butter to your chocolate mousse for a nutty dessert! Try this Cashew butter protein breakfast bar recipe for a power meal every morning! Watch the video here to whip up your wholesome, grab and go snack.

3. Pump Up On Peanuts

Who can resist a PB & J? But peanut butter is good for more than just a grab and go snack! It’s high in nutrition and low in carbs as well. Want a quick-fix, healthy snack? Spread some Healthy Alternatives Peanut Butter on some celery sticks and relish the crunchy and creamy taste!

Want to whip up some instant vegan ice cream? Just process two frozen bananas with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and jelly and relish this super-quick PB & J ice cream!

Try adding some peanut butter to your banana pancakes or use them to make a nice filling for your crepes. You can even use it to make your very own 3-ingredient marinating sauce with some coconut milk, Greek yoghurt and peanut butter to coat your chicken skewers in!

Make these adorable protein-packed peanut butter bunny toasts for some healthy food art! Take a look at the recipe here.

Ready to explore your nutty side? Get some nut butter love for yourself at Nature’s Basket.

Looking for some more butterlicous foods? Check out these 6 Butters You Need In Life.

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