What’s The Deal With Microgreens?

Word on the gourmet street is microgreens are all the rage! So, what are microgreens exactly? Microgreens are nothing but essential seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs like basil, kale and cilantro. Read on to get a total breakdown on these flavorful, nutrient packed, leafy little buddies.

The 411 About Microgreens

They are young vegetable greens, usually harvested after around one to two weeks when they are just about one to two inches long. Consider microgreens as a super healthy version of their grown counterparts.  They are best consumed quickly after they are cut before they lose their freshness and colour.

Flavorful Greens Packed With Nutrients

Don’t go by their size. Tiny as they may be, microgreens are powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin C, E and K, Lutein and beta-carotene. Red cabbage leaves contains vitamin C and K while cilantro has lutein and beta-carotene. If you aren’t convinced yet by microgreens you should know that they are absolutely delicious! Get ready for some intense zesty blast of flavor!

How To Use Them

Microgreens are very vibrant and can make your dishes pop.  Use them to garnish savory’s like your pizzas, pasta and salads or even sweets like your  pies, soufflés and open tarts or simply blend them to make beautiful dressings and sauces. Microgreens are also a great way to add a crunchy element to your soup.

How To Pair Them With Your Dishes

A peppery mustard cress and arugula are great for salads while pungent radish greens go well with fish vegetables. Try some basil to add some mild flavor to your desserts.  Add a bit of mustard or a rocket green to your soup as a delightful seasoning. Young broccoli has a spicy taste whereas amaranth has a mild taste and a lovely red hue, perfect to top off a salad.
Indulge in their delectable taste and dig in to some microgreens now!

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