Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier than Ice-cream?

Nowadays people have become way more health conscious than they were before. Low in calories and high in protein -that’s the healthy balance everyone wants to achieve, which brings us to this very hot topic– Froyo vs ice-cream, what is healthier? If you’re looking to make an informed decision for your cheat day, read on!

Sugar Content

Ice-cream is sweet, so is yogurt. So what is the argument really about? The sugar content. We cannot ignore how much sugar is added to frozen yogurt to get rid of the tangy taste and as a preservative. This makes it a health hazard in case you’re a regular Froyo consumer.


Yogurt contains probiotics, carbohydrates, and vitamins. On the other hand, ice-cream’s nutritional content depends completely on what ice-cream it is. Let’s get into details. When it’s yogurt versus cream, yogurt wins because it has low sugar content. Now when it’s frozen, a lot of sugar is added. This makes it just as unhealthy as cream.

Eating Habits

The sugar content in Froyo is alarming. In spite of that, people assume that Froyo is healthier because it is made up of yogurt. This results in taking that extra scoop of yogurt. Eating Froyo in that quantity is as good as eating ice cream and, also, not to mention, the add-ons, the sprinkles, the brownie bites – that’s where it becomes heavy and more unhealthy. Froyo is supposed to help you lose weight but the add-ons will be a barrier. Homemade unsweetened ice cream, on the other hand, is just like drinking a fruit smoothie.

So What Is Healthier?

None or both – it’s how you eat it that decides how healthy or unhealthy a particular thing is. Anything in a limited quantity is harmless.  Say no to sprinkles and other add-ons and you’re good to go – whether you have an ice-cream in your hand or a cup of Froyo.

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