Honey and its benefits

Honey has always been valued as a natural sweetener even before sugar was made available. There are over 50-100 varieties of honey, each originating from a different floral source. Apart from its great taste, honey has several other benefits. It’s known for its effectiveness in instantly boosting performance and endurance. The natural sugar in it prevents fatigue during workout. It is considered as one of the complete foods and the oldest sweetener on earth. It is recommended to have lime and honey in Luke warm water daily before breakfast for a refreshing and healthy life.

Let us read through few facts and benefits of honey in our daily life-  

1) Instant energy booste

Every time you go out for a workout, take a spoon or two of honey that will enable you to go the extra mile.  If you feel lethargic or low in the morning, try spreading honey on a hot toast and replace it with sugar in your milk for an instant boost of energy.

2) Regulates blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are very important for self-sustainability. In comparison to the refined sugar, honey breaks down slowly and enters your bloodstream, avoiding high blood sugar levels.  

3) Cancer prevention 

Studies suggest, honey contains antioxidants that have been known to prevent cancer and heart disease and improve self-sustainability.   

4) Resolves scalp problems and dandruff 

Research says- Diluting honey with a bit of warm water and applying it in your hair for about four weeks helps improving scalp conditions like seborrheic dermatitis.   

5) Serves as a “Cough medicine”

Research says honey, especially buckwheat honey, is very effective for cough problems and helps to ease the pain of a sore throat. It is also recognized by the WHO.  

6) Helps insomnia 

It has been reported that having couple of teaspoons of honey before going to bed helps them get better sleep at night, hence, it is widely used by patients suffering from insomnia.  

7) Brain booster 

Honey contains natural antioxidants and therapeutic properties that enhance the brains cholinergic system and circulation. Doctors usually recommend honey to be had in the morning.  

8) Improves immune system

Out of all the benefits of honey, what is most impressive is that honey can be a powerful immunity booster. Its antioxidants play a vital role in improving the digestive system and helps us to stay fit and fight diseases. 

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