Buck up your health with Buckwheat

Buckwheat may be one of the healthiest foods that you are currently not eating and are completely unaware of. It’s name may suggest that it is a type of cereal similar to wheat, but Buckwheat has no connection with wheat whatsoever! Buckwheat is a powerhouse of nutrients, with a high content of fiber and protein, and significant amounts of iron and magnesium.
Apart from having numerous health benefits, it is really tasty and also easy to prepare.

Here are some facts about Buckwheat-

  1. Buckwheat is not a grain.Buckwheat is a fruit seed that is closely related to rhubarb and sorrel.                                                   
  2. Buckwheat is gluten free.                                                           
  3. Buckwheat is high in nutrients and can be helpful in weight loss as it has fewer calories in comparison to wheat or barley. It is free of saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in dietary fiber and protein.

Health Benefits of Buckwheat –

1.Diets containing Buckwheat lower the chances of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
2.It helps in controlling blood sugar and therefore lowers the risk of diabetes.
3.It helps in controlling blood pressure and therefore lowers the chance of Heart attacks.

Tips for preparing and cooking-

Buckwheat is very easy to prepare and cook. Like all other grains , buckwheat should be rinsed thoroughly under running water for the removal of any dirt or debris.  After rinsing, add two parts bowling water to one part of buckwheat. Heat the water till it comes to a boil. Turn down the heat and cover for 30mins .

Buckwheat Pancake Recipe



1.Whisk the egg, buttermilk, and vanilla extract together in a bowl.
2.In a another bowl, add Healthy Alternatives buckwheat flour, baking soda, sugar, salt, and baking powder; mix them well.
3.Blend both the batters together to form a smooth and thick texture. Keep it aside for a few minutes until you see no bubbles in the pancake batter.
4.Add some butter on a frying pan and pour a spoonful of the pancake batter. Cook it on medium heat until small bubbles appear and then flip to cook the other side.
5.Transfer it on a plate and cook the remaining batter. Serve it with cinnamon and clove honey. Eat Healthy!

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