All About Double Yolk Eggs

The double yolk egg phenomenon has got the entire world stepping up their sunny side up breakfast game! Did you know they occur only in 1 out of every 1000 eggs? However, now you can get entire cartons full of double yolk eggs.  So, what are double yolk eggs, why are they so egg-cellent and more importantly, where can you get yourself a bit of two-some fun? Get the answers to all your egg queries below!

1. The Gist About Double Yolk Eggs

What happens in the egg doesn’t stay in the egg! So, how is a double yolk egg formed? This rare phenomenon occurs when one yolk was through the oviduct and the next day’s yolk caught up with it and they were both encased in the same shell. The reason you haven’t seen them much in the past is because people have been superstitious about these eggs in the past. But, with new age foods and trendy au-naturel diets being all the hype these days, double yolk eggs are back on the menu.

2. Are Double Yolk Eggs Safe

Are these double yolk producing chickens seated next to a nuclear plant? No, and they’re not mutant chickens either! It’s time to get egg-ucated on this. The answer is yes, they are absolutely, 100% safe. They are no different than regular eggs except they come with two yolks in them. They taste just the same and are just as nutritional.  So, there’s nothing to worry about.

3. It’s All About Candling

To package cartons full of double yolkers, the eggs are inspected through a process called as ‘candling’. They are observed with a light to look for blood spots and egg development and to check whether the eggs are A-okay and ‘farm-fresh’ healthy. This process, also, lets them identify the number of yolks. The double yolk eggs are, then, set aside and packaged to the stores where you can pick them up and make those mouth-watering omlettes.

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