6 Types Of Butter You Need In Life

Light, creamy and oh so delicious! Is there anything better than butter? Spread over a toast or over a steak, all your favourite dishes are incomplete without that little tinge of buttery saltiness. Satiate your taste buds with all the different kinds of butter out there!

Salted Butter

As the name suggests, salted butter contains salt in it which works both as a preservative and a taste enhancer. This is the kind of butter we use regularly at home. Salted Butter has an amazing creamy texture that will definitely liven up your meal.

Unsalted Butter

Unsalted is preferable for cooking and baking as the salt content and taste can be easily controlled. Unsalted Butter is a good option to use on potatoes or bread when you’re feeling experimental.

Light Butter

Light butter is another traditional type of butter which has more water content than other types. Light butter also has low butterfat, which means that it should be used only as a spread, and not in recipes or with hot food like popcorn. For everyday consumption, light butter is a healthier option.

Flavoured Butter

Flavoured butter can make any dinner interesting – be it pasta or a salad. The most common popular flavours are Garlic Butter and Chilli Garlic Butter. Flavoured butter is perfect for appetizers and dips, and you can make it at home too.

Clarified Butter 

As Indians, we are familiar with the hot and creamy looking buttery liquid that we use often in cooking- Yes, we are talking about Ghee or  as it is now called, Clarified Butter. So, why are people all over suddenly raving about ghee? Because it has tons of health benefits to offer. It’s rich in vitamins, lowers cholesterol and can help in weight loss as well! So, don’t skip out on that dash of ghee over your rotis next time.

Cultured Butter

Cultured butter is made by adding live bacteria to the mixture before churning it. This fermentation makes the butter creamier and tastier. English Butter is perfect for flaky pastries and with other baked products.

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