5 Foods That You Should Avoid During Monsoon

Monsoon has knocked on our doors relieving us from the heat of summers with fresh showers! While some enjoy hot chocolate or tea, others relish ice-creams. Each of us has their own food cravings when we sit by the window soaking in this romantic season. Even if our cravings are insatiable, it is easy to fall sick during this season.
Here’s how you can avoid a visit to the doctor!

1. Leafy Vegetables

Although we are always encouraged to include leafy vegetables in our diet, it’s best to avoid these during the monsoons since these grow in swamp and crude areas. These conditions make them highly susceptible to germs. Instead, go for vegetables like bitter gourd and apple gourd.

2. Sea Food

Who doesn’t love seafood? However, during the monsoons, it is best to avoid the same as monsoon is the breeding season for fish. Most water bodies are loaded with dirt, chemicals, viruses etc. during this time which might lead to food poisoning. Hence it’s best to avoid sea food consumption and replace it with chicken or eggs.

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great option especially for vegans, however, monsoons are not the best time for its consumption.
Most of them grow on damp soil, sludge areas and unhygienic places making them susceptible to bacterial diseases, hence avoiding them is the best bet.

4. Fried Food

Yes, we know the taste of hot pakoras or samosas with tea is something one would just love on a rainy day, but the humidity during this season slows down our digestion process which often results in a bloated tummy. Salty food also causes water retention so it’s best to stay away from it.

5. Fizzy Drinks

Sure, a can of soda sounds great after a heavy meal but did you know that fizzy drinks reduce the minerals in our body. This complicates the digestive process and we definitely don’t want this during the monsoons. Stick to warm beverages during this season instead.

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