The Bridal Diet Regime

If you want to be the beautiful glowing bride on the wedding day, it’s best to eat right. Let’s face it, that’s easier said than done. Managing to lose those extra pounds with the added stress of wedding planning can seem like such a task! But fret not, we have got some bridal diet tips that can help you ace those wedding bod goals just in time for the big day. Read on for some pre-wedding inspiration.

1. First Off, Stay Off The Detox

Yes, all those fancy pre-wedding detox diets can be very tempting but the truth is that most of them equate up to less than 800 calories per day that can lead to unhealthy eating habits while hitting your body, your wallet, and your sanity hard. P.S, these after effects are sure to last much longer than your honeymoon.

2. Curate The Ideal Eating Plan

Really think about the things you enjoy doing that can help you shed those extra pounds before your wedding. That’s the key to finding a bridal diet regime that you will actually want to stick to. Start with reasonable things you can incorporate into your everyday routine right away. Join a new exercise class or try using an app to keep track of your meals. How about this 6 colour meal plan? 

3. Be Realistic

Here’s something every bride should know before kick starting a new diet! If a diet seems impossible to do, it probably is. Losing more than one pound per week early on may even lead to more weight gain when your big day actually comes close. So, make sure to set quantifiable goals. Tell yourself that you will cook at least 3 nutritious meals this week or you will work out a minimum of 3 times a week. Small steps can help you score big wins and get you that sparkling, shining wedding glow on your big day.

4. It’s All About Healthy Eating

Swap out empty calories, baked good and junk foods for pre-cut veggies and more wholesome, nutrient-rich meals. Make sure you snack healthy and eat every couple of hours. Go for snacks made from real, whole foods and that make up a filling combination of protein and fiber. Your snacks should contain no else than 3 grams of each! Also, resist the urge to cut out entire food groups from your diet.

5. Hydration Is Key

Above all else, be sure to hydrate. Aim for 8-10 cups of fluid per day and keep a glass of water by your bed. Amp up the flavour and benefits of your glass of H2O by adding melon, berries or citrus fruits.

6. Breathe And Give Yourself A Break

So, you end up losing track or catch yourself going overboard on your ultimate bridal diet regime? It’s never too late to start over. Your wedding is an occasion to celebrate not a 6-month fasting marathon! Keeping a personal journal can help you stick to your bridal diet routine. You could even ask your bestie to help you stay on track. Being accountable to something or someone can help you make healthier choices and hopefully, beat all that wedding time stress, too!

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