Introducing Daily Food Delights

Dear valued customer, I take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Godrej Nature’s Basket and giving us the privilege to serve you the freshest and the finest. For Godrej Nature’s Basket, the last year has been exciting in terms of growth and change. At the start of 2017, we initiated many changes across our stores in terms of the store ambience, technology to elevate employee and customer experience, and refine and widen our product offering. You may have already started to notice surprising delights at your local Godrej Nature’s Basket, like the renewed checkout experience, expansion of our range across both, the freshest and finest and other finer touches.  As I reflect on the milestones my team has accomplished in our transformation journey, I want to thank each one of you for your loyalty, enthusiastic feedback and suggestions, which have helped improve our store experience. I am incredibly grateful for your support!  Today, we are at the cusp of yet another milestone – refining our brand identity. Godrej Nature’s Basket has been and continues to be an iconic and much loved brand, thanks to each one of you. It gives me great joy to share with you that starting today, we are bringing the new brand identity to life across our stores. We are now ready to welcome you to our stores to experience DAILY FOOD DELIGHTS! We have deeply committed our resources and operations to bring joy to your basket with the finest, freshest produce and products at #PricesYouWillLove in order to elevate your everyday food experiences. We are evolving into your everyday neighbourhood store with vastly improved selections of fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery, cheeses, seafood & meats and other deli items. You can expect consistent excellence, friendly knowledgeable staff and hopefully, an inspiring experience when you come shop with us again. We look forward to welcoming you to your fresh and reinvigorated neighborhood Godrej Nature’s Basket! Please do share your shopping experience with us at Inspiring you to spread the joy of food,  Avani Davda CEO Godrej Nature’s Basket

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