How To Stay In Shape During The Festive Season

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The festive season is here and it is the easiest time to pack on all those extra pounds you have been working so hard to burn. You can say no to all those carbs throughout the year, but come Diwali, not even the strictest dietician can keep you away from those soft, succulent gulab jamuns and those crumbly, rasgullas! After all, a little festive indulgence couldn’t hurt, right?

Don’t worry, follow these simple, easy, healthy indulging tips to stay in shape, this festive season. Learn how to detox like a pro after giving into your most sinful, sweet cravings.

Easy-To-Follow Healthy Binging Tips For The Festive Season

1. Portion Control

We don’t seem to realise how important portion control is and often end up binging once the first barrier is broken. Remember that eating one sweet is way healthier than stuffing your face with five.

2. Keep Your Dinner Light

If you cannot avoid an unhealthy meal, try eating it in the day and not in the night, so that, your body has enough time to burn off those extra unhealthy calories.

3. Say No To Carbonated Drinks

Colas and other carbonated drinks are full of empty calories and must definitely be avoided. Don’t give into these drinks as these calories will be the hardest to burn of in the end.

4. Choose Dry fruits Over Fried Snacks

If you absolutely don’t have a choice, try eating dry fruits instead of deep fried sweets and snacks. Dry fruits are also high in calories but at least they don’t contain empty calories like fried snacks. Munch on some Healthy Alternatives Walnut Kernels or some Healthy Alternatives American Almonds for those hunger pangs in-between meals.

5. Don’t Start Slacking At The Gym

Just because it’s holiday time, don’t start slacking at the gym. You may not realise but all that exercise is essential during the festive season to burn those extra calories from those scrumptious Diwali sweets and treats.

Genius Hacks To Ace That Post Festive Season Detox

1. Cut Down On Carbs 

Try cutting down on carbs for a few weeks after the festive season so it is easier for your body to burn those excess calories. Go for some low-carb foods to keep your energy up post Diwali.

2. Consume Foods Rich In Protein

Protein helps our body to build muscle, so consume foods that are protein-rich to stock up on nutrition and burn some fat.

3. Your Essential Morning Ritual

Make this tip your essential morning ritual. So, what’s the secret to getting back in shape post Diwali? Lemons, lemons and lemons. They are a great detox agent and can help to boost your metabolism. Starting your day with a glass hot water infused with some tangy lemons can give your body’s metabolism system the boost it requires to get in shape post Diwali.

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