Gluten free pasta recipes

For those who love pasta but are watchful of their health, and for the ones who are intolerant towards gluten, the gluten free pasta that is high in fiber and keeps you energized, is nothing less of a boon. Here’s an amazing recipe using gluten free pasta.


Homemade Tomato Sauce

Gluten free pasta 

1 packet of pasta of your choice


Step 1  In a pan, heat oil. Pour little water and add onion, garlic and spices. Now make a saute out of it.

Step 2  Chop few tomatoes and add it to the pan, now pour some red wine. Cover it and let it cook for 10-12 minutes, until the tomatoes start reducing.

Step 3  Now add tomato paste and stir continuously 

Step 4 Time to add some veggies such as bell pepper, zucchini and basil. 

Step 5  Boil water to prepare the pasta, simply toss it up in the sauce and add veggies to it.  A healthy gluten free pasta is ready!

Benefits of gluten free pasta 

Gluten is basically a protein content of wheat and certain cereals. The word ‘gluten’ has become a bit of buzz now and is gaining more and more recognition. However, we will study the benefits of gluten free foods- 

1) Maintains body weight 

Glutens tend to increase the body weight. So eliminating them from the diet can help you maintain or lose some weight. However, you need to be very careful that you consume gluten free food in moderation otherwise it might harm you. 

2) Improves mood

  Studies say that people you consume gluten free diet are able to think clearly and focus better, are also much more aware of their surroundings. 

3) Improved digestion 

Did you know having gluten free food helps you in digestion? Individual’s suffering from Celiac disease often change their diet to a gluten free one. When you remove gluten from your diet, you often reduce a number of intestinal problems including gas, upset stomach, cramps and constipation.

4) Cholesterol improvement 

Since gluten free diet eliminates most of the unhealthy food, individuals who follow a gluten free diet will report a lowered cholesterol levels. Doctors usually recommend gluten free diet for cholesterol patients, thus reducing the medicine intake.

5) Getting rid of acne 

Gluten free diet is known to produce an overall clearer complexion and help get rid of acne. 

6) Increased energy 

Who does not want more energy? Having a gluten free diet eliminates high calorie carbohydrates, which makes us feel bloated sometimes. Sweet potatoes are considered to be the best source for increased energy from gluten free food.

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