All About The Tea Cleanse

We all know the struggle when we get out of bed, bleary-eyed, and immediately reach out for our daily dose of caffeine to kick-start the day. But your morning cup of tea is good for more than just jolting you awake from a half-asleep daze.

Certain teas have high amounts of antioxidant cleansing powders that help flush out toxins, aid digestion and keep you hydrated as well. Put a healthy spin on your lifestyle with a DIY cleanse by sipping on aroma-rich and flavorful teas throughout the day and by indulging in a nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise. So without further ado, let’s find your cup of tea.

Japanese Matcha Tea

We all know how effective and beneficial green tea can be. But did you know that drinking just one cup of matcha tea is equal to drinking ten cups of green tea? Now, that’s what we call a nutritional overload! This famous beverage from Japan can help prevent heart disease, cancer and burn fat, too. It’s time to matcha your way to health!
Traditionally, matcha tea is made in a tea bowl using a bamboo whisk. Sift one or two teaspoons of matcha in the bowl, add hot water and whisk vigorously in a zigzag motion until the tea is frothy. And there you have it, enjoy your cup of matcha tea straight from the bowl.

Fenugreek Tea

For all the tea-lovers out there who are burdened down by bloating or indigestion, your knight in a cup and saucer is here! Fenugreek tea can help you keep these irritable problems at bay and also reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and support your livers ability to flush out toxins.
Keep in mind, that fenugreek tea is also a powerful laxative, so you don’t want to go overboard on this tea. To make a rich cup of fenugreek tea, lightly crush the seeds and add to a pot of boiling water while making black tea.

Cilantro Tea

This herb is not just for garnishing or whipping up a fresh salad dressing or guacamole. Cilantro is rich in phytonutrients, flavonoids as well as active phenolic compounds. The linoleic acid and cineole found in this fresh green herb contain powerful anti-arthritic and antirheumatic compounds. It also helps to remove heavy metals from your body. Just another reason to get your dose of caffeine with a cilantro twist!
To make a cup of steaming hot cilantro tea, fill a tea infuser with fresh chopped cilantro leaves and place it in a teacup. Next, add boiling water and steep for 5-10 minutes. Add honey or sugar to sweeten the tea. For a flavorful twist, try adding some mint leaves or orange peels to the tea infuser.

Ginger Tea

An existing staple in loads of Indian tea concoctions, ginger is one of the world’s best detoxifying herbs and a superior cleansing root that stimulates digestion and improves circulation. Ginger can be a bit too strong for your taste buds but is quite gentle on your body, so you can sip several cups of ginger tea in a day.

For a delicious blend of ginger in your tea, add some grated ginger stalks to a pot of boiling water and make your tea as usual.

Are you ready to start your tea cleanse? Get your ingredients here to make yourself a piping hot cup of tea.

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