Benefits Of Rambutan

Benefits Of Rambutan

A rambutan is a fruit that looks very similar to lychee and is native to Asian regions. It definitely falls under the exotic fruits category available on our planet. This reddish fruit needs to have its hairy skin removed to get to get to its edible flesh. While generally the taste is sweet, there are some you will find that will have a sweet and sour taste.

While it is not on top of the popularity radar, it is called as a super fruit by some thanks to all the health benefits it provides. Let’s look into some of these benefits.

1. Boosts Energy

Being rich in carbohydrate and protein, consuming this fruit gives an instant kick of energy boost. It is highly recommended to runners as the high water content of the fruit also helps quench the thirst and bring back lost energy.

2. Boosts Immunity

Rambutan contains high level of Vitamin C. This helps in boosting the immunity in your body and keep the diseases away. It also helps the body from getting damaged of free radicals.

3. Nourishes Hair

The antibacterial properties of this fruit might help to treat dandruff and itching. Rambutan also contains protein, which can strengthen the hair roots. Crush a few leaves of this plant and apply it as a paste on your mane and keep it for 15 minutes before washing your hair. You will notice an improvement in the lustre and texture of your hair.

4. Enhances Skin

It is suggested that mashing the seeds of the rambutan and applying it to your skin will make the complexion even and clearer, hence enhancing your skin health. Using the seed paste on regular basis will smoothen your skin and improve its texture.

5. Strengthens Bones

Being rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus, rambutan helps in strengthening our bones. Healthy bones leads to stable growth and reduces the chances of fractures and other bone diseases.

6. Aids Weight Loss

With every 100 gm serving of this fruit, you consume only 75 calories. Since this keeps you feeling full and also aids metabolism of the body while converting the fats. Hence rambutan aids your weight loss efforts.

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