Unique Office Gifting Ideas For Diwali

With the festive season about to start in full swing, your annual, Diwali, corporate gifting clock is about to go off soon! How about giving your co-workers and employees a break from the same, old assortment of almonds and cashews? This Diwali, check out these unique, corporate gifting ideas that everybody at the office will fall head over heels for!

1. Wellness Mini Delights

Price: 532/-

A mini treat for the dedicated employee of the month! The Wellness Delights Hamper is full of healthy snacks like some delectable baked cheese makhana pops and roasted watermelon seeds. Give a mini surprise, this Diwali, to that fitness freak at work.

2. Savoury Celebration Hamper

Price: 753/-

A savoury celebration for that hard working junior who’s a total spice nut! Load up on scrumptious treats like the crunchy cheese and onion peanuts and the crispy sour cream and onion potato chips with this Savoury Celebration Hamper!  Now, that sounds like a perfect way to cheer up your teammate, this festive season!

3. Desi Celebration Hamper

Price: 2317/-

This Diwali, show your junior how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication with the Desi Celebration Hamper! With some delectable Indian sweets, dried prunes, honey mustard cashews and more, this hamper is the prefect Diwali gift for that team-mate who can never resist those buttery-soft ladoos and crumbly, smooth barfis.

4. Celebration Fiesta Hamper

Price: 3000/-

Shower some love on your co-workers for the festive season with the Celebration Fiesta Hamper! Let them satiate their comfort food cravings with some gooey, dark chocolate chips, roasted, sour cream and onion potato chips, spicy wasabi peanuts and more! Mmmmmm, that sounds like a great Diwali gift, doesn’t it?

5. Wellness Mixed Delights

Price: 3219/-

Load your teammates with some exciting, healthy, festive goodies for Diwali! From the crunchy, roasted sunflower seeds to the savoury, baked, cheese makhana pops, the Wellness Mixed Delights Hamper has something in store for everyone! Trust us, just one look inside this healthy hamper is enough to make your colleagues squealing over all the fascinating treats!

6. Grand Celebration Hamper

Price: 4470/-

How about awarding that colleague who has your back all year around with a grand feast, this Diwali! With loads of irresistible goodies like the sweet and savoury BBQ cashews, and the gobble-some nacho bean chips, this Grand Celebration Hamperis, sure, to raise the team spirit at the office!

7. Gourmet Italian Hamper

Price: 5456/-

Have a really important client to impress? The Gourmet Italian hamper may be your key to cracking that ground-breaking deal, this festive season! Bond with your corporate associates by gifting them these exotic Italian delights like some zesty, sliced up green olives and some flavourful parmesan cheese.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these Diwali gift hampers? Grab your hamper from Nature’s Basket, now.

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