Gourmet Hampers

Gourmet Hampers

December is here and it is time to start thinking about Christmas presents!

For those who love to cook, the kitchen is a treasure trove of raw material ready to be transformed into delicious meals! Which is why Gourmet Hampers make ideal gifts for food lovers! They also make very timely thoughtful gifts for busy people who just seem to get busier in the festive season. Consider a gourmet hamper for your Christmas gifts, here are a few ideas to help you out. There is nothing more traditional that Christmas Cake for Christmas.

Why not create a traditional Christmas hamper of Christmas cake and or Christmas pudding with a bottle of fine Red Wine? Only so much of sweet treats you can handle? Consider doing things a little differently, this festive season. Try putting together a hamper of ingredients for a simple Italian dinner; a packet of Pasta, a bottle of Pasta Sauce, some Italian seasoning, flavoured Olive oil and really good bread, basically everything that is required to put together a great meal for in minutes. And you needn’t stop at Italian, if you have friends that love Thai cuisine gift them a hamper of Thai essentials; curry paste, cans of coconut milk, Pad Thai noodles and so on. The variations are as limitless as the cuisines in the worls, Try Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican. Perhaps add a recipe book on the cuisine if the fancy strikes.

Theme based hampers work especially well if you know someone who loves a specific ingredient; mushrooms, garlic, chillies or a dish; soup, salad, pasta or even for someone has specific diet needs like a low sugar or low cholesterol diet. With a definite nip in the air nothing goes down as well as a cup of your favourite hot beverage on a cold evening! Put together hampers for coffee lovers, tea lovers, and even soup lovers! Arrange favourite Teas or coffees in a box or basket with a teacup or coffee mug, honey, flavoured sugars, cookies, teacakes.For a soup lover pack soup mixes, stock cubes, a bottle of thick Basil Tomato Sauce (can be diluted with stock or water), herbed croutons, flavoured salts and olive oils, breadsticks, cream cheeses and flavoure oils into attractive hampers… Know someone who is resolving to eat healthier? Try a salad lovers hamper. The least temptation inducing, and most appreciated gift you could give at this time of heavy eating. Mayonnaise, Mustards, (or low fat dressing for weight watchers), a selection of flavoured oils, vinegars salts, dried herbs. Failing all, just call us at Nature’s Basket our Food Specialist elves look forward to putting together gift hampers every festive season and are just teaming with ideas, just give us a call!

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