Exotic Gift Hampers For The Festive Season

Out of unique festive gift ideas? Don’t the same old almonds, cashews and sweets seem like such a bore? We have a creative solution for you this festive season! Get in the mood for some exotic fun with these premium gift hampers. A spicy feast or a cheesy spread? Whatever your loved ones crave for, you will find it here.

1. Mexican Gourmet Hamper

Price: 1953/-

Put on your sombreros and get ready to kickstart the festive season with these fiery Mexican delights! Are your taste buds always craving some spicy, exotic flavours? Then, the Mexican Gourmet Hamper is made just for you! Munch on the savoury nacho chips to satiate those comfort food cravings over the long weekend or whip up some tacos for an exciting and flavourful meal.

2. Italian Gourmet Hamper

Price: 5456/-

Buongiorno Principessa! This festive season, try giving your palette a taste for some premium Italian goodies with the Italian Gourmet Hamper. Pick your favourite from the parmesan and the cheddar cheese, the juicy sliced olives and the gluten-free pastas.

3. Thai Gourmet Hamper

Price: 2894/-

This festive season, go all out on the Thai Gourmet Hamper for a blast of exotic, Asian flavours. Trifle through the hot chilli sauce, the tom yum paste, oyster sauce, coconut cream and more for a fun-filled, fiery Diwali.

Loved these exotic gift hampers? There are many more festive goodies to grab at Nature’s Basket.

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