Best Diwali Gifts For Every Budget

The festive season is almost here and that means gifts, gifts, and gifts! From that super-nice colleague to that absolute best friend in the world, it’s time to give all your loved ones, family and friends, some much-needed joy and happiness!

That’s what Diwali is all about, after all! (And of course, those exquisite, mouth-watering festive sweets) Celebrate the festive season with these best Diwali gifts for every budget. Take a look below.

1. Junior Mini Treats

Price: 520/-

Shower some love and appreciation on that complete chocoholic little cousin,who will do anything for some candy with these Junior Mini Treats. Watch them rejoice these little, candied treats of heaven and know that your mission, here, has been accomplished!

2. Celebration Mix Hamper

Price: 1054/-

Do you have a friend how is always suffering from serious hunger pangs? Then, this Diwali gift hamper is just what they need for the festive season! This Celebration Mix Hamper is the perfect present for that amazing, one-of-a-kind buddy with a huge fetish for those gobble-some, dark chocolate chip cookies and and those snackable, crunchy crackers.

3. Wellness Lavish Delights Hamper

Price: 2787/-

Make your bestie’s day with a healthy twist,this Diwali! Surprise them with this sweet and savory Wellness Lavish Delights hamper filled with some scrumptious sea salt and vinegar kale chips, whole dried gojiberries, sliced green olives and more! Give a fruity surprise to that all-time favourite buddy with an extra dose of festive sweetness.

4. Grand Celebration Hamper

Price: 4470/-

This Grand Celebration Hamper is a rich assortment of the finest dark chocolate, some crispy sour cream and onion potato chips, lip-smacking basil and cocktail juice and lots more! Now, doesn’t that sound like the ultimate way to please that loved one who truly deserves some much-needed binge-eating and self-pampering time?

There are many more delightful Diwali gift hampers you can get at #PricesYouWillLove. Get your festive season gift hamper here.

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(Please note that there may be changes in the prices mentioned above depending on the time and place of purchase.)

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