5 Common Gifting Trends & What You Can Give Your Loved One’s Instead


common gifting trends

It’s that time of the year again, when all the Diwali gifts from last year take a full circle and land up back to you. The festival of lights or should we say the festival of endless card parties, pretentious social chitter chatter, & your living room filing up with gifts from your neighbors who you indulge in conversation with around twice a year? Well through all the Diwali formalities, we think you should make at least your loved one’s feel special by gifting them something apart from the common gifting trends.

1. Gourmet Over Greeting Cards

Instead of the regular old passed around Diwali greeting card, gift your loved one’s something they would actually keep….and eat! Go for the gourmet indulgence box – A wide assortment of Belgian pralines, dark chocolate, jujubes, tortillas, & chips, cashews and nuts, cookies, whole strawberry conserve, chocolate coated nuts, chocolate gift box & more.

Unique diwali gifting options

2. Dry Fruits Over Diyas

Rather than gifting the same old pack of Diya’s give your loved one’s a hamper of exotic dry fruits from all over the world. It’s tasty, and healthy! Let’s be honest, those gift of Diya’s would probably pass on to your neighbor’s loved one anyways.

Dry Fruits Over Diyas

3. Celebration Over Silver Gifting

Gifting silver coins, crockery, thalis and more is more of a trend than a tradition. It’s time to stop passing on the coin, and get your loved ones to dig into something worth celebrating! Our festive celebration hamper includes a rich assortment of fine dark chocolate, chocolate coated nuts, tasty jalapeno tortilla & tangy salsa packed beautifully to bring in the warmth and richness of the festive season. Sounds more tempting than silver gifts doesn’t it?

unique diwali gift hamper

4. Healthy Over Handcrafted

It’s time to ditch the age old handcrafted décor items we tend to pass on to our friends every year and give them something that’s beneficial to them! If your sister’s husband’s mother can’t stop raving about her newly found love for a raw diet, it’s time to give her a healthy alternative! Give them a gift that keeps on giving with our Healthy Alternatives hamper comprised of yummy roasted high protein roasted snacks, 100% natural fruit crisps, floral honey, detox tea, seeds, super grains, gluten free pastas & much more.

Healthy Alternatives diwali gift hamper

5. Mexican Mix Over Mithai

Think out of the box (of ladoo’s) and give your loved ones something with a little more zest! Our Mexican delight with all the Mexican gourmet essentials containing Mexican beans, fresh Avocados, seasoning mix, spicy Mexican salsa, jalapenos & nachos, flour tortillas, sour cream & fresh corn on cob.

Unique mexican diwali gift hamper

Gifting is a custom, not what you gift. So break this Diwali tradition and give gifts, you’d actually want to receive. Visit to view our range of festive gifts.

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